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New Power BI Known Issue page

I’m happy to share with you that as part of our efforts to keep Power BI’s users more informed, we’ve recently launched a new Power BI Known Issues page. This is an example of our continued effort to increase users’ confidence in our transparency, awareness of issues, and dedication to improve customers’ success.

The top-level page lists the current and recently closed known issues for Power BI.

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To get more information about a specific known issue, click the Title link to open the details page for that known issue.

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If you experience a problem with a feature, use the Known Issues page to determine whether that problem is new or is a known issue. For each known issue listed, we share details that help you identify whether the problem you are experiencing is the same as the selected known issue. We do this by both describing the issue and also including symptoms of the issue. If workarounds exist, they are included for you as well. When you see a known issue published on this page, you can be confident that a permanent solution is being worked on by our engineers.

If one of the issues matches a problem you’re experiencing, please let us know by clicking the “Thumb up” button in the top right corner.

We’ll update the Known Issue page often. For service-wide outages and degradation notices, continue to use support.powerbi.com.

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Link to Community Show where the first guest discusses the new Known Issues process.

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