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New Microsoft Copilot Studio implementation guide

We are excited about the enthusiastic adoption and successful deployment of Microsoft Copilot Studio by organizations across the world, and while it only takes a few clicks to set up and publish a copilot, organizations are looking for in-depth guidance, best practices, and reference architectures. As Copilot Studio’s capabilities continue to expand and generative AI’s transformative effect on conversational AI intensifies, the demand for such materials has been further highlighted.

Following this feedback, we’re thrilled to announce the Copilot Studio implementation guide. This detailed guide is designed to help customers, partners, and Microsoft teams review copilot projects and architectures for a smooth and effective implementation journey.

Screenshot of the Copilot Studio Architecture slide

Get ready for a comprehensive review of your Copilot Studio project

The Copilot Studio implementation guide provides a framework to do a 360-degree review of your project. Through probing questions, it highlights potential risks and gaps, aims at aligning the project with the product roadmap, and shares guidance, best practices and reference architecture examples.

Screenshot of the Application Lifecycle Management slide

Users of the implementation review are guided at each step of the journey with the side pane that provides more context on the questions or features, shares best practices, and includes links to additional resources.

Screenshot of the Engagements and Outcomes slide

Inspired by the Success by Design framework – a tried and tested Microsoft methodology used for Business Applications implementations – this review aims to detect bad patterns, identify risks, share best practices, and showcase example implementations.

Screenshot of the Generative Answers considerations slide

Screenshot of the Infusing Generative AI into topics examples

Key principles behind the review

The Success by Design framework, the backbone of this review process, is centered around three critical principles:

  1. Early Discovery: Identifying and dealing with potential issues at the earliest stage.
  2. Proactive Guidance: Giving robust advice ahead of issues emerging, preventing potential problems.
  3. Predictable Success: Providing a roadmap for success, using tested strategies and methods, and avoiding common pitfalls and anti-patterns.

Screenshot of the Success by Design slide

Areas covered by the review

The Copilot Studio implementation guide covers these chapters:

  • An overview of the project
  • Architecture overview
  • Language
  • AI functionalities
  • Integrations & channels
  • Security, monitoring & governance specifications
  • Application lifecycle management
  • Analytics & KPIs
  • Gaps & top requests
  • Dynamics 365 Omnichannel (optional)

How is the implementation review typically delivered?

While it was initially delivered by Microsoft, the Copilot Studio implementation guide can now be used autonomously by customers and partners. It is designed to be a living document that can be updated throughout the project lifecycle.

Get the Copilot Studio implementation review today!

Download the Copilot Studio implementation review and provide feedback directly on GitHub, using this issue template.

We are confident that this tool will be beneficial to those implementing Copilot Studio and eagerly anticipate your feedback. Here’s to empowering more successful transformations with Microsoft Copilot Studio!

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