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New feature alert in #D365FSCM #D365FO #MicrosoftDynamics Put Vendor on Hold for Purchase Orders

Not every new feature or function has to be world-changing, built from scratch, or completely inspired. Sometimes, re-using previous ideas can bring efficiencies, standardization, and fulfill gaps. One of D365 F&SCMs latest features does just that. Many of us are already aware that you can put vendor records on hold for various transactions, from Invoicing, to Payment, to Requisitions. However, oddly to some, stopping just new Purchase orders was not a hold type that could be configured. Until now!

Put Vendors on Hold for Purchase Orders feature

Once enabled, you can now select “Purchase order” as an option from the Vendor hold dropdown that is available from the vendor records.

Vendor hold

If a user attempts to create a Purchase order against that vendor, they will be presented with a familiar infolog message, now tailored to POs:

Stop message

There you have it, short and sweet. Now let’s all go sing some Wilson Phillips. HOOOOOOOOLD ON FOR ONE MORE DAY, YEEAH!

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