Dan Hellem

With the risk of sounding repetitive, sprint 223 was dedicated to resolving bugs. Looks like sprint 224 will be much of the same. We continue to make great progress, but we have a little way to go before the New Boards Hub is ready for general availability.

Notable bugs fixed

#mention in comments#mention in a comment does not add a related link to the work item.
Single child on backlogIf the parent only has one child on the backlog, and you delete it, the expand and collapse icons are still shown.
State colors for releasesFont and icon colors on the links tab, for release stages, do not match the rest of the state values for other items.
Order number is not correct on large backlogsIf the backlog exceeds one thousand items and you scroll quickly down the list, the numbers in the Order column are not correct.
Taskboard filter is not always stickyFilters are not being remembered when moving from taskboard to other tabs and back.
Add to bottomAdd to bottom is adding items to the top of the list.
Drag item to the bottom of backlogUnable to drag an item and drop it in the last spot of the backlog.
Rollup column countsRollup column counts on backlog are not accurate.
Rollup column namesColumn names are showing refname, instead of friendly name, when showing and adding rollup columns to the backlog.
Drag and drop child items between cardsUX display issues after attempting to drag child items between cards on the Kanban board.
vertical scroll bar missing on spring boardVertical scroll bar is missing from sprint board when browser size is reduced.
Date and time format settings for columnsDate and time format settings are not being applied to columns for backlogs or queries.
Time zone settings for historyTime zone settings are not being applied properly to work item history changes.
Adding links through REST APILinks on the work item are not getting rendered properly when adding them through the REST API.
Missing top level and linked info on queriesTree and linked queries are missing the “top level” and “linked” count details on results.
Add new item to task boardWhen adding a new item to task board, it shows at the top of the list. Go to the backlog and that new item is at the bottom of the list.
Error on task board tab changeTask board that contains more than 100 tasks will display a loading timeout error when clicking from another tab.

We appreciate and need your feedback to ensure the New Boards Hub is successful. Please to email us with any issues you find.