Dan Hellem

This sprint marked another milestone for New Boards. We successfully activated the “Try the New Boards Hub” message for a large chunk of customers. As a result, a greater number of users have had the opportunity to engage with the New Boards Hub and share feedback. Additionally, we have made significant performance improvements in the Recycle bin functionality, which will be implemented shortly after the deployment of sprint 222 releases.

Lastly, we made great progress in resolving numerous bugs, see the list of bug fixes below:

Notable bugs fixed

“Verify” option missing for bug“Verify” option is missing from bug work item that has been linked to a test case.
Cascading Lists extensionCascading List extension is not working.
Disabled work item is availableDisabled type is available to create a new work item from sprint board.
Task board filterFilter on parent is hiding tasks cards on the board.
Work items exceeds 20,000Not showing the proper error message when backlog reaches or exceeds 20,000 items.
Sprint backlog order with filters appliedThe work item order is not correct after using a filter on the Sprint Backlog.
Tooltip description for large text fieldsTooltips are not showing the description value for large text fields.
Missing icon for “Do exploratory testing”Missing icon for “Do exploratory testing” menu on work item.
Assigned To not updating on child annotationsThe Assigned To icon and tooltip are not getting updated for the child annotations on the Kanban cards.
Dates for markers on Delivery PlansMarkers on Delivery Plans are not showing the correct dates.
Linking to builds in another projectFind builds dialog is not finding results if the build is in a different project.
Save button on Capacity PlanningSave button is disabled after making a change to the Capacity per day field.
Moving task to invalid columnNo error message is being displayed when attempting to move a task to an invalid column.
Invalid type error for CSV importNot getting a clear message when attempting to import invalid work item types through CSV import. Test Case, Test Plan, Test Suite, and Test Steps are no longer valid types for work item import.
Missing Integration in Build fieldWhen doing a bulk edit, missing the “Integration in Build” field from the list of fields.
Create copy of work itemFields are disabled when attempting to click the “Create copy of work item” command.
Ordering of items on sprint taskboard and backlogThe order of user stories and bugs do not match between the sprint taskboard and backlog.

We appreciate and need your feedback to ensure the New Boards Hub is successful.

Feel free to email me with any issues you find.