Dan Hellem

Not a lot to report other than a list of issues fixed 😁. Bug fixes will continue at full speed through sprint 219 as well.

Notable bugs fixed

Save Comments permission preventing the saving of images in discussionNew save work item comments permission is not allowing the adding of images in a comment.
Show more button on Kanban boardShow more button on Kanban board is not working when certain filters are applied.
Unparenting Tasks causes weird behaviorsUnexpected behaviors when attempting unparenting tasks on task board.
Save Items is disabled on queries pageSave items command is disabled when moving between un-saved items on query results.
Invalid URL from cross project Changeset linksCross project changeset links are using the wrong project url.
Hard error opening work item history in some casesOpening history tab will cause a hard error in some cases.
Missing “There are too many items..” banner on backlogMissing banner to indicate there are too many items in the backlog and only two levels of hierarchy will be shown.
Missing wiki pages when creating wiki page linkAdding wiki page link does not show full list of available wiki pages.
Filter on sprint backlog does not keep orderFilter on the sprint backlog does not keep the proper sort order.
Styles not working when looking for empty tagsStyles on Kanban board where Tags Contains are not being applied to the card.
Planning panel not working with drag and drop to default backlogUnable to drag and drop work items to the default backlog on the planning panel. This happens on both the sprint backlog and task board.
Ctrl + A not working on backlog or queriesCtrl + A keyboard shortcut is not working on backlogs or query results.
Unable to scroll to bottom of burndown chartBurn down chart on Sprint analytics tab is getting clipped at the bottom and unable to scroll to see more.
Permissions on not being checked on sprint capacity pageTeams permissions are not being checked properly on the sprint capacity planning page.

Note: although these items are fixed, they may not be released to all organizations yet. Rollout can take a few days to a couple weeks.

We appreciate and need your feedback to ensure the New Boards Hub is successful. Feel free to email me with any issues you find.