Dan Hellem

List of New Boards Hub bugs fixed in sprint 214. We enabled the “Try New Boards Hub” message across another ring of accounts. The process continues to go slower than originally expected. Every time we enable the message, we receive more feedback on issues that need to be fixed. This process will continue over the next couple of sprints. We want to get the rollout right and the issues fixed before making New Boards Hub the default experience.

Notable bugs fixed

Esc key on a work item modalUpdate a work item and attempt to close it without saving first. The Esc key on the “Are you sure you want to leave the page” modal does not cancel the action like expected.
Found in build and Integrated in build fieldsUnable able to manually add values into the Found in Build and Integrated in Build fields.
Deployment control refreshDeployment control on work item form is not updating when using the work item refresh button.
Styles on Kanban Board for empty fieldsStyles on Kanban Board are not working on rules with empty values.
Stakeholders moving items on sprint boardStakeholders are unable to move work items to another column on task board.
Capacity calculation is not correctCapacity calculations not always adding correctly. Example: not taking into account the last day of the sprint.
Days off not calculating correctlyCapacity planning not always adding days off correctly.
Missing banner when over a thousand work items on task boardMissing banner on task board when the number of work items reaches one thousand.
Removed bold on hierarchy filterRemoved the bolding of items that match your filter when using the show hierarchy on filter on backlogs.
Ambiguous identity errorsAssigned To and custom identity fields would result in a The value ‘FirstName LastName’ for field ‘Stakeholder 1’ is ambiguous with ‘FirstName LastName when the first name and last name match.
History of board column changesMissing history record when moving a work item to another board column.
Column board split issueWhen turning off a split column, the items in the done column will disappear from the board.
New date controlApplied new date control to all date fields.

Note: Although these items are fixed, they may not be released to all organizations yet. Rollout can take a few days to a couple weeks.

We appreciate and need your feedback to ensure the New Boards Hub is successful. Feel free to email me with any issues you find.