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New API for Distributed Order Management fulfillment optimization


From same-day delivery to social commerce and self-service solutions, the modern-day supply chain is pushing retailers to keep pace with consumer expectations for near-instantaneous, omnichannel service. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management, retailers can offer customers the best shipping and fulfillment options in real-time. Now, with the new Distributed Order Management (DOM) API, you can take advantage of the core capabilities of Intelligent Order Management well in advance of order orchestration in a platform-agnostic way.

What capabilities does the DOM API unlock? 

  • Call the DOM API from any platform. Get the fulfillment source and shipping options for an order or cart items in real-time by making a call to the DOM API from any e-commerce, ERP, or marketplace platform. Configure the rules in your fulfilment optimization settings in Intelligent Order Management so that the API can search your stores and warehouses.
  • Get shipping rates and estimated delivery dates. The DOM API can call your shipping carrier’s APIs to get the rate and estimated delivery dates for the items in an order or cart. The API can even exclude any items eligible for free shipping when calling the APIs for shipping rates.
  • Use the working calendar to optimize order routing. With the introduction of the working calendar in Intelligent Order Management, you can establish working days and holidays for each of your fulfilment sources. Turn on the constraint “Respect warehouse timings” in your fulfilment optimization settings to route your orders only to the fulfilment sources that are working on the day or time of the request. 
  • Use the carrier pickup schedule to send accurate pickup times to the carrier. With the introduction of the carrier pickup schedule in Intelligent Order Management, you can maintain up to five pickup slots for your shipping carriers. The API checks the schedule to send an accurate pickup slot to the carrier’s API to return the estimated delivery date.

Example request using the new Distributed Order Management API

Here’s an example of an API call to the FedEx API:

{{Dataverse URL}}/api/data/v9.2/msdyn_IomDomAPI 
apiVersion: 1.0 (string - mandatory)
"fnoCompanyId": "USMF",
"orderId": "b16bd573-ad9a-4188-bc08-e5ac5eca776e",
"strategyId": null,
"carrier": "fedex",
"salesOrderOrigin": null,
"customerInformation": {
"name": "Whole sales",
"customerNumber": "US-001",
"customerGroup": "10",
"customerEmail": "test@microsoft.com"
"orderDestinationAddress": {
"addressType": "Residence",
"address1": "537 N St. Francis",
"address2": null,
"address3": null,
"city": "Wichita",
"stateOrProvince": "KS",
"postalCode": "67214",
"phoneNumber": null,
"country": "US"
"lineItems": [
"lineId": "d5670621-910d-486b-90ca-61d739e9a92e",
"itemId": "1000",
"quantity": 2,
"freeShipping": "No"
"lineId": "5c8b423b-c9fe-4ff1-a16e-a75a35d7c424",
"itemId": "T0001",
"quantity": 2,
"freeShipping": "Yes",
"dimensions": {
"sizeId": "10"
"lineId": "a359a0ec-cded-4eda-b7b0-d7478dff48b9",
"itemId": "T0004",
"quantity": 2,
"freeShipping": "Yes",
"dimensions": {
"colorId": "black"

Watch Intelligent Order Management orchestrate an e-commerce order fulfilled by Dynamics 365 Commerce

Here’s a sample flow that illustrates the journey:

  • Call the DOM API from the e-commerce checkout flow to get shipping and fulfillment options powered by the real-time inventory visibility service and the FedEx carrier.
  • Create a sales order by building a custom order intake provider and orchestrate the order.
  • Synchronize the sales order through a custom Dynamics 365 cloud scale unit (CSU) provider.
  • Fulfil the sales order through Dynamics 365 point of sale.
  • View the order’s status through the Intelligent Order Management state framework in real-time as the retail store processes the order.
  • Call the shipping label API from the point of sale to print a FedEx shipping label at the store.
  • Trigger notifications to the customer as the order ships from the store through the Narvar provider in Intelligent Order Management.
  • View the last mile status of the shipment in the Intelligent Order Management fulfilment tracking entity as FedEx delivers the package.
Sample Illustration of a flow

Learn more

Read how one customer is partnering with Microsoft to transform their e-commerce experience, providing shorter lead times and reducing shipping costs.

Read the documentation:

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