A lot of our clients appreciate the visualization of Dynamics 365 records on maps. They can hover over the push pins to get a quick view of the record details, click on them to expand the detailed view in a Summary Card, and also customize the push pins as per their use, function, or category. However, the clients also find it difficult to select a bunch of records from an entity when the records are too many. On receiving multiple such requirements, Team Maplytics thought of having a serious look at a potential solution.

A Lasso tool, that helps in drawing a free-form border around a selected object was taken as inspiration! So, the plotted records for an entity would be our selected object and the Lasso tool would help the users in selecting a few of these records as per requirement. Initially, the tool was introduced in the PCF setup or the Detail Map Control.

Let’s have some fun with Lasso Tool!

In the Detail Map Control, the Lasso Tool is situated at the right of the screen. Users can use the tool only after the plotting of records. Once the records have been plotted, one can click on the icon and use the tool to randomly draw over the selected records.

The records selected in this manner get displayed in the data grid and are available to perform multiple activities

Mass Actions can be performed on the selected records. They could be added to a travel route, saved together, activities could be created for them, and emails could be mass-sent to them.

Add To Route: This option helps in adding the data points selected using the Lasso tool to the route. The user can add at max 25 data points to the route in a go.

Save Data: The selected records can be saved as a static Marketing List or as a Personal View in Dynamics CRM for future use

Create Activities: The user can create activities for the Entity records currently selected in the “View Data grid.” They can define the Activity, Subject, Schedule Start date and Schedule End Time, Duration, Owner (User/Team), and Priority.

Send Email: Users can send mass emails to the selected records. They can select any one of the available email templates or a new email to write custom content. Users can also choose to keep the recipient in Cc/Bcc in the emails.

Isn’t the Lasso tool just too cool?

If this functionality is intriguing, stay tuned for Team Maplytics’ upcoming additions and upgrades. It has more advancements added to the Lasso Tool. Is the tool also added to Detail Map now?

Check this space for more details, real soon!

What’s More?

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