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One of the features that I love the most is using Copilot within my Model-based Applications, which provides very interesting data analysis, except that for now it is only available for subscriptions in the USA or environments in the United States, so which we look forward to when it arrives in the European region.

I have been testing Copilot Studio and all the capacity of generative AI and really for now what it can contribute within an organization is quite good, in another post I will give you some examples of what I have set up.

But now I want to focus on a use case where I create my own Copilot to insert inside my Model Driven Apps using the Side Panes to call my Copilot.

Let’s look at this simple example but we can extend it in other scenarios. First I have an application to manage ticketing, this application allows me to create cases so that the IT support area can attend to them.

The application is supported with Dataverse and we have a Model-Based application that is not complex.


Now I will use Copilot Studio to create my Bot using an action that allows me to know the details of a particular case through a Power Automate flow.

To do this I go to the actions area and create a new action


I call this action PA asks about a case, if the action does not previously exist I can create it


If it exists, I simply look for it within the existing actions or flows.
I will show a little bit of what the Power Automate flow that I have built is about.


The flow simply uses Copilot’s ability to receive the case number information, and from there it queries the Dataverse table and obtains the corresponding case, then uses the same Copiot ability to respond, but later we will see something very useful.

Once we have created the flow, we move on to configure the action:


In this case let’s see how we configure both the input and the output.


I’m using generative AI to populate input information


And in turn I use generative AI for output information

From here the next step is to create the Side Pane, to insert the BOT, but first I must obtain the URL, to do this I go to channels and go to Custom Website, I copy the HTML that has been generated and then I create a web resource of HTML inside my solution in Power Apps

At the same time I create a JS to load the side panel, in the official documentation it is  Creating side panes by using a client API in model-driven apps – Power Apps | Microsoft Learn

I also load this JS that refers to the web resource created and publish


Once I have all this ready, all we have left is to test our Copilot


Let’s see the result of asking him about the TKT-1010


Interesting for when we have large volumes of data and we want a summary. This functionality is like using a part of Sales Copilot that asks you to give you a summary of the opportunity.

The most interesting thing is that I did not build the output with Power Automate, but with natural language it is capable of creating that response.

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