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Migrating your Human Resources environment!

Have you tried migrating your Dynamics 365 Human Resources (D365 HR) environment yet? We announced in early December the general availability (GA) release of the automated tooling, for the lift and shift migration of your standalone Human Resources environment.  

Albert Einstein said, “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change” and that is how we feel about the merged and improved Human Resources on the Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations infrastructure.  

As part of the infrastructure merge, all capabilities of the Human Resources application have been made available in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (Finance and Operations) environments. Customers can migrate their Human Resources environments using the migration tooling that is available in Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS). They can also optionally merge their data with their existing  Finance and Operations environment. 

Benefits of migrating to the merged infrastructure 

Did you know that we were able to close approximately twenty-five ideas with over 500+ votes as a result of leveraging the existing platform functionality on the Finance infrastructure? Moving to new infrastructure can help you with the following:  

  • You get one set of human resources capabilities within Dynamics 365 including: 
    • All the previous capabilities and enhancements on the standalone Human Resources application are now in the merged Human Resources.  
    • All the new functionalities that have been added since August 2022, which includes enhancements in Personnel management, Leave and Absence management, Benefits managements, Learning management, Dual-write enhancements, Resource management integration, Process automation, etc.   
Picture describing the list of features the product team has been up to including 500+ idea votes
  • All planned roadmap functionality will only be available in the merged Human Resources environments on the Finance infrastructure.
Image detailing wave 1 investments including organization agility, employee experiences, and optimizing of HR programs
  • The extensibility options and the experience is improved through Dynamics and the Finance and Operations platform ecosystem including:
    • Enhanced Power Platform capabilities 
    • Consistent platform maintenance including: deployment, updates, Application Lifecycle Management, Lifecycle Services, Geographic availability, etc.  

Customer Experience 

We have had many customers complete their sandbox and production migrations successfully on the Finance and Operations platform.  Additionally, we have had a number of customers merge (consolidate) their Human Resources production environment with an existing Finance and Operations environment.  

One of our customers, TecAlliance, migrated their global implementation of their standalone Human Resources environments (used in 22 countries), using the automated migration tooling, in a very short span.  Here’s what they had to say about their experience:

“We were able to migrate to the Finance and Operations infrastructure seamlessly; after intensive testing, we encountered only one bug and were able to get it resolved very quickly. From the initial implementation of Dynamics 365 Human Resources to the migration of Human Resources on to the new infrastructure, it took less than 12 months thanks to the amazing support from Microsoft.” 


Call to Action 

Migrate your standalone Human Resources environment to the Finance and Operations infrastructure using the automated tooling available in LCS.   

If you have complexities around integrations and/or working to merge or consolidate with another Finance and Operations application, we recommend working with your Dynamics partner to determine the right approach.  We also recommend working with your designated Solution Architect if you are part of the FastTrack or the ACE program.  

Learn more:  

  • To learn more about the infrastructure merge here  
  • For detailed information on new capabilities in Human Resources, see Release plans: 2022 Release Wave 2, 2023 Release Wave 1 
  • Join the Human Resource Customers and Partners Yammer group for collaboration, feedback and to stay informed on product related announcements.  

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