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Migrate from legacy Service Scheduling to the Service Scheduling on Unified interface

The new Service scheduling on Unified interface in built on top of Universal resource scheduling. If you are using legacy Service scheduling on web client and are planning your move to Unified interface, you need to plan your migration of data from legacy Service scheduling data to the new one.

Once you plan your migration, you can do the following.

  • Migrate using the migration solution.

Get Migration solution

Join the preview program on Insiders portal

Go to Dynamics 365 Service Scheduling – Migration to join the preview program on Insider portal and provide org details on which youd like to enable the migration tool

Install the migration solution

Go to Dynamics 365 admin center and follow the installation steps to install the migration solution. After successful installation, go to Customer service hub Scheduling Data migration

Migrate data

As part of the data migration, youll be able to migrate all the configuration and scheduling data associated with legacy Service scheduling

  • Migrate configuration data

The following will be the snapshot of configuration data post migration

Legacy SchedulingNew Scheduling
Facilities/EquipmentFacilities/Equipment, ResourcesMigration tool migrates all the Facilities/Equipment and create Resources for every Facilities/Equipment. In the new scheduling, youll be able to schedule these Resources
ServiceServiceMigration tool migrates all the Services to the new scheduling, and on each Service, maps the required resources (selection rule) on the legacy Services to Resource requirements on the new Services
Resource GroupsResource CategoriesMigration tool migrates all the Resource groups to Resource categories
SitesOrganizational UnitsMigration tool migrates all the Sites to Organizational Units
Business ClosureBusiness Closure
  • Migrate Service activity scheduling data

The migrated Service activities will have equivalent Bookings for the resources that have been scheduled on legacy Service scheduling

Bookings on Service activity

Learn more about Service Scheduling migration tool

  • The preview is currently supported in English
  • Learn more about the Migration Tool, from the feature documentation

We are eager to see how you leverage the migration tool in your migration to the new Service scheduling experience, and we look forward to your feedback!

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