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Microsoft Teams and BT talk about helping customers create integrated end-to-end experiences


Strong telecommunications partnerships are key to providing quality and choice for Microsoft Teams voice services. Microsoft’s collaboration with BT offers our UK customers clear, robust, and reliable cloud communications services — foundational to a successful digital transformation journey, particularly as mobile and hybrid work continue to evolve.

Mahendra Sekaran, Vice President of Microsoft Teams Engineering and Andrew Small, Managing Director, Global Portfolio at BT met up to discuss the partnership between Microsoft and BT, as well as the variety of factors can make the digital transformation journey significantly different for each organization.

Watch the video to hear how Azure for Operators and Microsoft Teams Phone provide BT flexibility to help customers create integrated end-to-end experiences and other benefits this partnership brings to our customers.

“The context for every customer is different – the way they work, the business they’re in, the value in collaboration, the integrations they need, even down to how big of an IT team they have. We remember that difference when we engage a customer. We’re transforming their business and we have to respect that to make sure we need to do that in a way that works for them.”

– Andrew Small, Managing Director, Global Portfolio at BT


Learn more about Teams Phone Mobile, a new service from Microsoft enabled by partners like BT, providing cellular network quality of service to Teams communications. Now you can enable your business users to access Teams capabilities through their mobile identity on both their native dialer and any Teams endpoint.

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