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Microsoft Dataverse support for Power BI Direct Query reaches general availability

We are very happy to announce that Microsoft Dataverse support for Power BI Direct Query has reached general availability status. With the combination of the new Dataverse connector for Power BI and tabular data stream (TDS) endpoint Power BI users have more options when connecting to Dataverse environments, including Dataverse for Teams. The endpoint enables better relationship discovery in the Power BI dataset model. The new connector supports Direct Query providing real-time data and support for the Dataverse security model. In addition, complex data types, such as lookups, choices, and currency are flattened for easy consumption in the model.

To find out more, check out the documentation: View entity data in Power BI

The Power Apps team has also been enhancing the Power BI integration with model driven apps to support system dashboards and solution portability. See more.

The SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) usage of the TDS endpoint is still in public preview status. See more.



The CDS Platform Team

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