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Microsoft Dataverse Summit

From Thu 17th November To Fri 18th November
Clayton Chaves - analista de Dados
Prado da silva
Joining to learn
John Shine - Technical Architect
joining sessions to learn new aspects of the dataverse to support in project development
1:00 pm 2:00 pm
CPQ and Beyond with Experlogix Automation for Dataverse
Erwin Buggenhout - Product Manager at Experlogix
At least for now, documents continue to play an important role in formal communication with customers. Yet, it remains a complex and sometimes even manual task to create and deliver those documents. But does it need to be so complex? In this session Erwin Buggenhout demonstrates how you or even your business users can create [...]
4:00 pm 5:00 pm
Dataverse Summit Keynote
James Oleinik - Director of Product Management, Microsoft Dataverse
We are excited to announce the Microsoft Dataverse Summit Keynote with Director of Microsoft Dataverse Product Management, James Oleinik!  
6:00 pm 7:00 pm
Battle of the Apps: Canvas vs Model
Connor Ingram - Power Platform Specialist
Outcomes for the session: 1. Help Power Apps Makers learn more about the differences between canvas apps and model-apps 2. Help makers decide when to use canvas vs model – or BOTH! 3. Challenge the “battle” between canvas and model apps. Using one or the other is largely determined by the requirements, not because one [...]
5:00 pm 6:00 pm
ALM for DataVerse Data
Wael Hamze - Power Platform Lead
Data is the core part of all solutions. Having a consistent and reliable approach for managing different types of data across your environments is key to ensure data integrity and successful solution delivery. This session will show you how to extend your ALM processes to manage data and implement repeatable data management processes using the [...]
Learn Identity and Access Management with Azure AD
Dr. Abhilasha Rakesh Vyas - Subject matter expert cloud security
Identity and Access Management is very important for all organization's. This session will demonstrate the service provided by Azure AD for creating, managing and monitoring identities and access.
9:00 am 10:00 am
Code Analytics for Power Platform Development
Robert Pröll - Principal Software Architect
Apply best practices for your power platform projects, focused on hands on development. Topics: - Importance of a stable plugin base infrastructure - Domain project (early bound entities) - Common coding issues - Solution structure for enterprise scale projects - Performance Topics During the session an enterprise ready project setup will be created which fulfills [...]
Security in Microsoft Dataverse
Ajo Suresh - Senior Manager
This session is to give an overview regarding how security is handled in Dataverse
3:00 pm 4:00 pm
Free Dataverse Space, Sync Dynamics 365 security model in SharePoint, and much more with our Document Management Apps
Jairaj Nadar - Business Development Manager - Inogic IP Products
With the ever-increasing load of customer data and the limited space available within CRM, it becomes necessary to look for alternative solutions to successfully manage documents and storage space within CRM. And when you use some third-party tool for your storage woes, you have security concerns like user privileges, the integrity of the files and [...]
11:00 am 12:00 pm
Automate all your D365 and M365 documents with Dataverse, PowerAutomate, Power Apps & dox42
Lisa Pulsinger - Senior Technical Evangelist
Real life business processes require the generation of documents like quotes, reports, contracts, emails, etc... Use dox42 to automatically generate these documents with data from all sources by simply clicking a button directly in your Dynamics 365 applications, in a Power App or by letting a Flow do all the work for you! What you [...]
2:00 pm 3:00 pm
Get started with Microsoft Dataverse Business Events
Mehdi El Amri - Dynamics 365 CE and Power Platform consultant
In this session we will see a new way to expose events and business logic in Dataverse. We will see the notion of event catalog, a concept inspired by the Dynamics 365 for finance and operations solution. Also, we will see how to understand and use the standard events of Dataverse and how to create [...]
Everything about Dataverse Plugin Project!
Temmy Wahyu Raharjo - Dynamics CRM - Technical Consultant
In this demo session, we will learn how to develop a plugin project to be more testable, readable, usable, and debuggable. We will also learn how to implement logging through feature flags and decorator-pattern for scenarios like round-up calculation for the Money data type.
Azure Functions – a powerful app for Dataverse
Danish Naglekar - Microsoft MVP | Senior Technical Architect
In this session you will learn two ways of integrating Dataverse with Azure Functions 1. Creating an Azure Function for web hooks in Dataverse 2. Azure Function as an API with managed identity
Dataverse + Power Apps + Code Components = a winning formula for enterprise grade low-code solutions
Rahan Arif - CEO and Founder
In this session, Rahan will be showcasing how citizen developers can fuse together Power Apps, Dataverse and ready-made code components to rapidly automate the enterprise at scale. Learn how Dataverse provides a robust and flexible backbone to handle your data, no matter where it originates, and how Power Apps with code components elevate your solutions [...]
Dataverse and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations
Jhonatan Ramirez Soriano - Microsoft Technology Architect
Quick Overview about the options we have with Finance and Operations with Dataverse
12:00 pm 1:00 pm
Design a Flexible Datamodel for Dataverse
Corrado Patierno - CTO - Senior Solution Architect - ISO56002 Adviser - Senior Board Member ENTD
Propose a flexible datamodel working with a property custom entity, tipized by other custom entity, plugin and alternate keys to create a datamodel able to add all type of custom tipized data without modify solution.
Intro to Office Script and how to use it in Power Automate
Benedikt Bergmann - Power Platform Consultant
Office Script can be used to alter Excel files. In this session, you will learn what Office Script is and how it can be used in Power Automate.
Getting started with Fiddler for Dataverse
Benedikt Bergmann - Power Platform Consultant
In this session, we will take a look at fiddler and how it could be used to speed up your frontend development for Dataverse by injecting the local version of your web resources into your browser. This will eliminate the need of deploying them whenever you make changes during development.
6:00 pm 7:00 pm
ALM for CDS/Dyn365 using Azure DevOps Pipelines
Benedikt Bergmann - Power Platform Consultant
In this session, you will learn how a basic ALM process for Dataverse looks like. The beginning of the presentation will level all of us to a common understanding, for example Deployment options in Dataverse. After the session, you will have a basic understanding of how to implement an ALM process for Dataverse in Azure [...]
3:00 pm 4:00 pm
Best practices and guidance when using Microsoft Dataverse
Arpit Shrivastava - Microsoft MVP | MCT | Architect
Microsoft Dataverse provides an extensible framework that will allow developers to build highly customized and tailored experiences. While customizing, extending, or integrating with Dataverse, a developer should be aware of the established guidance and best practices. In this session, you will learn what best practices you should follow in your real time projects and will [...]
PCF Test Driven Development
Betim Beja - Microsoft MVP
Betim Beja will be developing live a PCF component using Test Driven Development. We will use Jest to write the tests, and StorybookJs to write the stories to make sure our component is well tested and documented. All the tools that will be used are OpenSource.
12:00 pm 1:00 pm
Environment Variables, Custom API & Azure Application Insights (Telemetry)
Temmy Wahyu Raharjo - Dynamics CRM - Technical Consultant
A demonstration where we can combine Environment Variables + Dataverse Dependant Assemblies + Custom API + Unit Testing + Azure Application Insights (Telemetry) to make our customization more powerful!
5:00 pm 6:00 pm
Introduction to Test Driven Development of Azure Functions and Plugins against Dataverse
Jordi Montaña - DynamicsValue Founder, FakeXrmEasy Author
Hi ! This is Jordi, the author of FakeXrmEasy, the leading Open Source test driven development framework for Dataverse with +2M downloads. In this session I'll be covering an introduction about how we can leverage FakeXrmEasy to unit test azure functions as well as plugins to mitigate and prevent issues from happening in subsequent environments. [...]
10:00 am 11:00 am
Migrate access data to Dataverse
Cavitha Balamurugesan - Power Platform Consultant
Explaining process of migrating Access tables and columns to Dataverse -creating and specifying a Dataverse environment -exporting data from Access to Dataverse -selecting tables and related tables -creating linked tables in Access to the migrated tables in Dataverse -managing primary keys, names, and relationships -validating the data export - previewing the results in Access and [...]
10:00 am 11:00 am
Gems of Dataverse – Tips & Tricks
Dhruvin Shah - Microsoft MVP , MCT and Power Platform Practice Lead
The session covers the complete new look for Dataverse! We will talk about basic to advance concepts for Dataverse. - Relationships - Views & Form - Bulk Update - Auditing - Formula Columns - Import & Export
6:00 pm 7:00 pm
Power Up Plugins with Dependant Assemblies!
Chris Piasecki - Microsoft MVP | Power Platform Architect
Learn how to leverage the new Dependant Assemblies in Plugins feature to bundle additional dependencies with your plugins in a supported and reliable manner. Gone are the days of relying on old and unsupported tools such as ILMerge!
How to supercharge and promote Business Central Telemetry with Dataverse.
Javier Armesto Gonzalez - Project Manager Dynamics 365 Sothis Tecnologias de la Información
In this session we will introduce how to promote Dynamics 365 Business Central telemetry on a per user basis using Dataverse.
11:00 am 12:00 pm
New Security Architecture for Business Units and AAD in detail
Devikumari Krishna - Solution Architect
In this session I will cover, Security concepts in Microsoft Dataverse Modernized Business Units Associate a business unit with an Azure AD security group Different Security levels in Dataverse Security Role and Security Profiles
8:00 am 9:00 am
How to Create Power Platform Web Hooks with Dataverse Plugins
Ramprakash Duraisamy - Software Specialist at Bosch Global Software Technologies
In this Session, I will Cover how to Create Microsoft Flow and Azure Functions then how we can access the same from Plugins using Web Hooks.

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