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Microsoft Dataverse Summit

From Thu 17th November To Fri 18th November
Custom pages and Custom API, a powerful combination!
Wilmer Alcivar - Dynamics 365 CE and Power Platform Technical Consultant
Every year Microsoft gives us great gems from Dataverse and Power Platform in the corresponding waves, one of them are the custom pages that can offer a much more intuitive user experience than the classic forms and views in Model Driven Apps. It is true that both custom pages and canvas apps are focused on [...]
Dataversr Zero to Hero – accelerated version
Nicolás Fernandez - MVP, MCT, Solution Director
When we start working with Dataverse, there is one major question we all have: What is Dataverse? In this session, we will unwrap the mystery, and we will discover what is Dataverse. By the end of the session, you will be able to explain what is and what is not Dataverse.
Building a scalable security model
Nicolás Fernandez - MVP, MCT, Solution Director
Customers usually have some complex security requirements that challenges us. When we start the desining of the solution, the security model is one of the main pillars on which our solution will be built. Making sure that the security model not only covers the requirements, but also it is scalable is critical for the success [...]
Document processing with Azure Form Recognizer and Dataverse
Katerina Chernevskaya - Power Platform Senior Solutions Architect
Documents are an essential part of any company. However, document management can be a challenge. According to research, 21% is the total loss of staff productivity due to various document issues. AI services help improve document management by increasing processing speed, reducing errors, and optimizing cost. In this session, we'll discuss how to create our [...]
Extending Dataverse with the Azure serverless platform
Stefano Demiliani - Microsoft MVP, MCT, CTO
Microsoft Dataverse is a data storage and management engine that acts as a foundation for Microsoft's Power Platform, M365 and Dynamics 365 apps. If offers a full set of powerful capabilities out of the box. But what's there "under dataverse"? How can I extend Dataverse functionalities for complex real world scenarios? In this session we'll [...]
Virtual Tables: Share your Business Central tables in Dataverse
Roberto Corella - Developer
In this session, you will learn in an easy way, how to create virtual tables (formerly virtual entities) to publish your Business Central information to Dataverse and how to create a Canvas Power app based on this information.
Connecting Dataverse in Power Pages
Kanwal Khipple - CEO
attend this session to learn more about how dataverse content can be used in Power Pages. we will go through the best practices, practical example and walk away with knowledge related to the pros/cons.
Let’s connect: Business Central & Dataverse
Michael Megel - Enterprise Architect
Wondering how to access data in Business Central from Dataverse? There are a many ways to combine these two worlds. Join my session to learn how quickly you can connect and transfer data using either connectors or virtual tables.
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