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Merge Duplicates, Choose the Right Master Record, and Much More with DeDupeD’s New Release


Detecting and cleaning up duplicate records in Dynamics 365 CRM is both time consuming and costly. The fact that the average duplicate rate in any database is 20%-30% makes it evident that it is very common for duplicate data to accumulate in databases.

According to a study by  SiriusDecisions, verifying a record upon entry costs $1, cleansing and deduplicating it costs $10, and if duplicate customer data is not taken care of, it can cost up to $100, or even worse, it can result in businesses losing deals and customer dissatisfaction.

Duplicate contacts, accounts, and leads can make it difficult for marketing teams to use the data for email marketing campaigns. It also affects the sales and customer service team’s ability to effectively engage with potential clients and nurture healthy relationships.

Worrying about duplicate data in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and the adversities that it brings, is a thing of the past with DeDupeD. And to take the data hygiene experience to the next level, Inogic has come up with some more innovative and useful new features in the app. In this blog, we will give you a detailed brief of these new features.

But first, what is DeDupeD?

DeDupeD is a data hygiene application designed to identify, prevent, and merge duplicate records of any and all Dynamics 365 CRM entities (OOB or Custom), except ‘Email entity’. With DeDupeD, users can identify duplicate records within a specific entity or across different entities, merge duplicate records within the same entity, establish rules to reduce and prevent record duplication, and bulk merge historical duplicate records. The app proves to be valuable in simplifying the deduplication process for CRM users.

So, let’s have a look at the new features of DeDupeD app:

Merge Duplicates: With this feature, you can detect and merge duplicates right from the individual record using DeDupeD UI.


Additionally, by selecting the right master record to merge the subordinate records into, you can manage which information is preserved and which is discarded. This guarantees the completeness of data and mitigates the risk of data inconsistencies.


View Columns:

Now it’s easier for you to get a custom view (columns as per your business needs) when on DeDupeD UI. For example, if you want to see the columns of “All Contacts” view on DeDupeD app and Tool interface, then you just need to select the “All Contacts” view in the entity view field while setting up the duplicate matching rule. This provides an interface similar to CRM for duplicate clean-up.

DeDupeD app:


DeDupeD Tool:


So, these were the exciting addition’s to DeDupeD app.

In conclusion, the latest features added to the DeDupeD app by Inogic significantly improve the duplicate detection and merging processes in Dynamics 365 CRM.

Combined with existing key features like on-demand duplicate identification, duplicate prevention, and bulk clean-up of historical records, DeDupeD emerges as a comprehensive solution. Businesses can now tackle the challenges of duplicate data more efficiently, leading to improved data accuracy, streamlined workflows, and cost savings.

Inogic’s commitment to enhancing the Dynamics 365 CRM experience is evident in these valuable updates.

You can visit our online help site to know about the app’s features in detail.

Discover the advantages of DeDupeD yourself by installing the app for a 15-day free trial from our Website or Microsoft AppSource.

If you are uncertain about how DeDupeD can benefit your business by eliminating duplicate records in CRM, then feel free to mail us at crm@inogic.com for a personalized demo of the app.

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