Recently, I was sitting at a café, passing time for a rescheduled meeting when I observed a gentleman rushing in with a worried face and requesting the hostess for something. He then gave his laptop to her for charging. He sighed and sat on the table next to mine and we began chatting up. He was a sales rep from a reputed organization traveling for a meeting when his laptop acted up. The panic was obvious as all the meeting details, presentations, and reports were on his laptop, and he didn’t know a way out!

This was when I thanked my stars, coz had I been in that situation, I had Maplytics on the go which would help me reach my meetings on time, conduct them smartly, and also stay connected with my office. Yes! I also educated my fellow salesperson about Maplytics on Mobile and he too got intrigued by the offerings and features and that’s why Maplytics is our favorite Field Sales Management App within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM!

Maplytics is accessible to users on the Dynamics 365 App for Phones and Tablets, the Dynamics 365 Sales App, and the Dynamics 365 Field Service App.

Access Maplytics on Mobile

From the Entity Menu, one can access the Maplytics option and hop on to the journey.

guide to Field Sales Management App within Dynamics 365

A click on the Maplytics menu above opens a modal window with an option for Detail Map and Heat Map

guide to Field Sales Management App within Dynamics 365

Maplytics and the maps can be accessed through an individual account entity as well.

guide to Field Sales Management App within Dynamics 365

The functions of the Detail Map are similar on mobile as on the desktop. Dynamics 365 records can be plotted using the same 5 ways as on the desktop, i.e., by location, region, drawing, territory, and template.

The user can define their GPS location using the precise location button.

guide to Field Sales Management App within Dynamics 365

Visualization and Plotting of records

CRM Data can be categorized based on Entity attributes

guide to Field Sales Management App within Dynamics 365

Every Pushpin will display the record name, and address, as well as the contextual data defined in the tooltip section of the Maplytics Configuration when double-clicked on the record. The user can open the record, check-in/out from a meeting from the mobile app itself, and perform other actions using the available quick actions button.

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Radius/ Proximity Search

Proximity Search becomes easier with Maplytics on the go as the GPS location becomes the Current Location and the records around the current location get displayed easily within specified radial distance or time.

Search Records

On plotting a bunch of records, a particular record can be searched from them by typing the primary attribute and getting prompts. The selected record gets highlighted and zoomed. The zoom level gets set accordingly.

To get a contextual menu on the map, a long press anywhere on the map helps. The Pushpin Contextual menu provides certain additional options. These options provide commonly used features in Maplytics like Set as Current Location, Origin, and Adding to Route, etc.

The record for the pushpin can be opened.

That pushpin can be added as the origin or destination of a route or it could be simply added as a waypoint.

The pushpin can be set as the Current Location or as the POI Location.

Street view of the pushpin can also be viewed.

guide to Field Sales Management App

Users can save this search result as a template and open it directly the next time without plotting it again.

guide to Field Sales Management App

POI Location

POI Location on a Desktop lets the user define a location of interest and then helps search places such as cafes, airports, gas stations, etc. around it. The same is the functionality with mobile. In fact, with a mobile app, it becomes easier. A user stuck at a new place can give his GPS Location as the POI Location and search for the required place with a few clicks! Frequently searched places can also be selected with quick-find icons. A place can also be searched by specifying it in the search bar.

Data Grid & Mass Actions

The records plotted on the map are visible in the Data Grid at the bottom of the screen. These could be filtered out by adding appropriate keywords in the ‘Filter by keyword’ bar. Mass Actions can also be performed on the selected records in the grid. These Mass Actions include-

  1. Adding a record to a Route.
  2. Saving the plotted records as a view.
  3. Sending mass E-mails to them.
  4. Creating Activities for the selected records such as appointments, etc.

Route Optimization

Another essential feature of Maplytics is Routing across multiple waypoints. Using the Contextual Menu options users can add up to 25 waypoints to their journey, with an Origin and a Destination.

The route can be plotted to be the shortest in terms of time or distance. It could be optimized, avoid highways, avoid tolls, and traffic, and even consider records along the route!

The route plotted in this manner can also be saved for future use.

guide to Field Sales Management App

Within the Directions section, is an option Trip Summary that summarizes the Trip details, like, Travel time and Distance between every two waypoints of a route. An icon for the same is also available on the map.

guide to Field Sales Management App

Navigate – The route gets redirected to Google Maps/ Waze App/ Apple Maps

Add Stop – Records can be added as a waypoint to the route plotted on the Map.

Reload – The route can be rerouted after adding the pitstops

Nearby – Find Records along the route

Save – The plotted route can be saved for use

Using the Up and Down Arrows, the Trip Summary for the next waypoints can be seen.

guide to Field Sales Management App

The trip can be started using the ‘Start’ Trip option. The same button can be clicked as ‘Stop’ on the completion of the trip. The trip stopped between two waypoints, and cannot be resumed again. The user will have to Start with the one scheduled between the next waypoints.

All the routes plotted in this manner can be redirected to Google Maps/ Waze App/ Apple Maps with turn-by-turn navigation directions at hand.

guide to Field Sales Management App

Heat Map

Maplytics can also display Heat Maps from the Entity homepage and entity form using the Heat Map option. These could be helpful during quick presentations or even during meetings!

The summary of the entities can be viewed as color-coded boundaries, pie charts, and column charts as well!

guide to Field Sales Management App

Thus, if we observe, Maplytics on mobile is a complete package for any rep on the field right from viewing, traveling, presenting, conducting meetings, and more!

What’s More?

Maplytics is like water that can be moulded into any role. To get more acquainted and experience it first-hand, one can write to To investigate the product further, with a personalized demo within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM / Dataverse get in touch with the Team.

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Until then,

Happy Mobile Mapping!