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Manually Add Licensed Users in Dataverse Environment in Power Platform Admin Center


In case you want to reflect a recently licensed user in a Dataverse environment but you don’t see it reflect immediately, here’s how you can manually add users to the Dataverse environment yourself.

Check that the User has an appropriate license

From Microsoft 365 Admin Portal, ensure that the user has been successfully been given a license –

  1. In Users, click on the User and ensure the user has correct License required to be added to the environment.
  2. And even if you refresh the Enabled Users (in classic CRM UI), you don’t see the User.

    Here’s how you can quickly add a User instead of trying to sync all users (It’s possible to do that but slightly lengthy process). I’ll cover it in a separate post and link it here.
    First, let’s see in the below section on how to quickly add a User –

Add Users from Power Platform Admin Center

Given that you have the correct Dynamics 365 Administrator privileges, here’s how you can add Users manually –

  1. Go to the Environment in Power Platform Admin Center
  2. Go to the Users section once you expand on Users Permissions tab
  3. You’ll see that User is still not part of the environment. Here’s how you can add the User. Click on the + Add User button.
  4. Then, search for the User with their Email Address and you’ll see it populate once the user qualifies the criteria mentioned on the pane under User access requirements.
  5. Then, click on Add.
  6. In the next step, you’ll be asked to provide a Security Role to the User. For example, I’m assigning a Salesperson security role from the default Business Unit. And then clicking Save.
  7. This User will be added with the Security Roles. If you don’t see the name immediately, click on Refresh.
  8. You’ll see the User appear in the environment list.
    Also, you’ll see the User in the classic UI if you click on Manage users in Dynamics 365.
  9. Here’s how it’ll appear in the Classic UI.

Hope this was useful!

Thank you!

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