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Jingle All the Way to Profits: Why Pre-Holiday Sales Are A Secret Weapon?


“Hey Mike, it’s almost 9:00 pm, don’t you wanna go home?”, Jim asked his fellow Sales Rep. “O Jim, At least you don’t ask me this question. You do know the pre-holiday rush, and, with my products at discounted prices, I have a million inquiries already”, said Mike. “O well, my situation is similar bro. Organizing meetings, scheduling for the week, finding client places, following up on good leads, finding similar leads nearby, I’m swamped too”, Jim echoed. “It is fun though, imagine the profits our company will earn”, he added. “True! But I feel, I would have been more efficient if I had an assisting tool to help me use my CRM better”, voiced Mike and Jim agreed!

I wish, this Christmas, Santa hears their wish and completes it sooner, as Maplytics is the perfect assistant they are searching for their Dynamics 365 CRM! Yup! Pre-holidays mean extra work for the Sales Team that needs to be wrapped up before the Holidays begin. It is an opportunity for the sales reps to shine and bask in the glory they bring to their company before the year ends. Imagine having an assistant to visualize all the newly added CRM Leads on the map. Being able to hover on the leads to get the client details and contacts. The ability to schedule meetings with them without having to search for directions to them, a ready graphical report of previous sales to present a strong sales pitch. Sounds like a Christmas Miracle. But it all can be achieved by Inogic’s 5-star rated geo-analytical app! Let’s have an in-depth look

Data Visualization

Suppose 40 new leads came in for a B2B perfume manufacturer and seller 3 weeks before the holidays. Checking out the entries in the CRM would be woozy. With integrated maps, the same can be plotted on a map and visualized with distinctive pushpins. The distance between them can be gauged. Their regions and areas can be studied. Sales figures in those areas for the previous years can also be checked. Hovering over the pushpins will display a quick information card for quick access. Competitor’s clients too can be viewed in that area.

Territory Management

Every business has sales territories defined in advance to avoid cannibalization and for the right assessment of performance. Once the leads and clients that have newly joined are visualized on the map, they could be assigned to the existing territories. With Maplytics, the new records get auto-assigned with each territory having a rep in charge. The territories are balanced and the sales reps can move ahead with the pitching or on-boarding process.

Appointment Planning

The new leads and clients need extra attention. They need to be pitched well for maximum conversion and on-boarding thus, meetings are a must. Reps may get confused with meeting timings, client availability, ad hoc requests, etc. Maplytics with Auto Scheduling can resolve this issue completely. The meetings can be pre-planned around clients’ working hours and available days, Ad hoc requests can be added to the schedule in real-time, and both the client and the reps would be aware of the meeting schedule beforehand with the same update in their Outlook Calendars.

Route Optimization

40% of the meetings get delayed because of traffic and lost routes. New clients and new offices may not be easy to find. Then why stress with directions when there is already a lot of workload to stress about? Use Route Optimization and follow optimized directions avoiding traffic, highways, tolls, etc. to your destination and perform efficiently in the meetings!

Radius/ Proximity Search

Do not forget the old in the pursuit of the new!

While in these pre-holiday times, we are searching for new leads and catering to new clients, we also need to look after the existing ones. Hence, why not use proximity search to find the existing clients near the locations of the new ones and visit them as well for new sales, new products, new pitches, or just a customary hello? It will only help build the relationship further. These existing ones within a specific radius can be plotted using the Radius Search in Maplytics.

POI Location

The reps on the road spend hours outside. Gas Stations, Cafes, Restaurants, Pharmacies, etc. can be searched nearby and visited even in new regions.

Census Data Mapping

At times, new requests arrive from a particular area of a territory. That region can be mapped with the Census data to analyze the demographics of the people interested in the products. Other regions with similar demographics can be approached with the same pitching strategy covering more ground!

Heat Map Analysis

The probability of sales conversion is often proportional to the efforts put in by the salespeople. Then how does one gauge the probability of conversion? We have the Heat Map analysis for the same. The sales in the previous year can be analyzed based on graphical representations, summarized numbers can be viewed and the profitable regions and demographics can be prioritized.

Copilot in Dynamics 365

Copilot has crept into the Dynamics world within Field Service, Customer Service, Sales, and Marketing modules. Its power could be leveraged to generate replies to client emails, design marketing campaigns, automate sales processes, auto-update lead status, summarize customer journeys, and more!

Team Inogic has developed an application called Buyer Behaviour as a Sales Companion Solution. This Copilot application within the CRM analyses the conversation with the leads, clients, etc. over chats and emails. Based on this analysis, the salesperson can know if the conversation is positive, neutral, or negative. The positive and neutral conversations could be prioritized with extra attention.

Great sales before the Holidays will call for splendid Holidays! So, why wait? Adopt Maplytics now and go for it!

What’s More?

Maplytics is like water that can be molded into any role. To get more acquainted and experience it first-hand, one can write to crm@inogic.com To investigate the product further, with a personalized demo within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM / Dataverse get in touch with the Team.

For applied knowledge, do visit our Website or Microsoft AppSource. One can hop on to the detailed BlogsClient TestimonialsSuccess StoriesIndustry Applications, and Video Library for a quick query resolution.

Until then,

Happy Hustling!

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