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Introducing Microsoft eCDN for a New Era of Communications

Following the completion of our acquisition of Peer5 this last year, both teams have been committed to building a better hybrid workplace for a new era of communications. Over the past year, Microsoft and Peer5 have been working hard to bring that vision to fruition with the integration of Peer5 and Microsoft Teams.

Today, we are excited to introduce a new standalone offer, Microsoft eCDN (Enterprise Content Delivery Network), designed to enhance live video streaming across your organization. This new offer is a WebRTC-based solution that leverages peer-to-peer streaming technology and is available for $0.50 per user per month with an annual subscription.

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Live stream large corporate webcasts and virtual events in Microsoft Teams Live Events

With Microsoft eCDN, organizations can seamlessly and securely live stream global meetings, all hands and townhalls, and distribute company-wide trainings. As hybrid and remote work has increased the need to stay connected and engage with employees around the world, many organizations are leveraging Microsoft Teams as their primary platform for video communications and collaboration, creating a heavy bandwidth load on the corporate network. Microsoft eCDN is designed to enhance network reliability, reduces network saturation, and delivers secure, high-quality, large-scale live video streaming with optimized network performance directly in Teams Live Events.

Microsoft eCDN is easy to adopt and implement broadly across an organization. Its mesh networks are self-balancing and automatically scale as the number of viewers increase. With Microsoft eCDN, this provides robust value for video streaming including:

  • Enhanced network reliability: The peer-to-peer network reduces the overall load on the corporate network and helps prevent connectivity failure, poor video quality, and user frustration. In addition, advanced analytics tools not only provide detailed insight into user experience and network performance, but also include powerful, easy-to-use tools that help to identify and troubleshoot any network issues before and during an event.
  • Ease of adoption: No additional installation is required on user endpoints and devices, nor are any changes required to the physical network infrastructure, which reduces the time to deploy and the need for additional security requirements.
  • Trusted solution: As Peer5 has been integrated into the Microsoft ecosystem, it’s now built and managed on Microsoft’s Cloud with Office 365 compliance, helping to ensure video content is secured and distributed to only authorized users. Further, this eCDN solution is compatible with any third party video platform that is HLS-based (HTTP Live Streaming).

How to buy Microsoft eCDN

Microsoft eCDN is available for purchase today as a standalone offer, and can be purchased through volume licensing, direct from Microsoft through the Microsoft 365 IT Admin Center or through a variety of Microsoft Cloud Partners

We’re committed to helping our customers with technology that enables them to stay connected and communicate with people and teams in this new hybrid world of work. We’re excited to provide Microsoft eCDN to organizations worldwide and enable live streaming from virtually anywhere. To learn more about Microsoft eCDN, please review our documentation here.

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