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Introducing Approvals kit

One of the key use cases that we see across every industry and every department is approvals. Power Platform allows you to streamline your business by digitalizing the approval experiences.

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Today, we are happy to introduce, “Approvals kit” – a kit from Power CAT that will accelerate building your approvals faster than ever – available as a public preview. Approvals kit is a no-code ready-made kit built on top of Power Platform components that allows your organization to configure sophisticated approvals such as conditional branching, delegation, admin overrides and more – all without the need to write a single code – empowering every person in your organization to “do more with less” for your organization’s approval needs.

Approvals Kit Overview

Diagram of an approvals workflow with the Approval kit using Contoso Coffee as a fictitious customer.
Diagram of an approval workflow example using Contoso Coffee as a fictitious customer.

Approvals Kit Overview – Watch video

What can you do with Approvals Kit?

Approvals kit is template built with over 20 cloud flows and Power Apps app that you can install in any Dataverse environment. By using the approvals kit, you are able to quickly set up the following requirements that are typically required in any approval processes.

– Multi-stage approvals

– Conditional approvals

– Delegation

– Out of office

– Organizational calendar

– Workdays based timeout

– Reassignment

What is the difference between Approvals connector and the Approvals Kit?

Approvals kit is a template that is based on the standard Approvals connector, but takes things to the next level by leveraging the power of Power Apps, Power Automate, and Dataverse. By combining these low code tools together, the Approvals Kit offers you a prepackaged solution to handle common scenarios that save you time to building a custom solution for the equivalent features that the kit provides.


One of the key differences when compared to the standard Approvals connector is the Approvals kit is built with premium features. Given these features you will need both Power Apps licenses and Power Automate licenses to support user designing and manage approvals.

End users making approvals will depend on the integration required could use standard seeded licenses or they may also need Power Apps licenses if you elect for a more integrated approval process that displays approval history.

Who is involved with the Approvals Kit?

The Approvals Kit for Power Platform is designed to support multiple people in your organization, including Power Platform administrators, approvals administrators and business users who need to make approval decisions. In summary the key roles are:

Power Platform administrators can create and assign environments and import the approvals kit solution as system administrators or system customizers.

Approvals administrators such as sales directors, and power users can configure the kit to match business requirements and analyze approval processes for improvement opportunities.

Approvers who could be sales managers, and business users can use the kit to streamline their approval workflows and improve efficiency.

Getting Started

Approvals Kit documentation https://aka.ms/ApprovalsKit : Public landing page of the kit, describes what and where approvals kit is along with usage personas and frequently asked questions.

Learn Module https://aka.ms/ApprovalsKit/Learn : Self-guided or instructor led delivery to get started using the approvals kit.

Instructor Guide https://aka.ms/ApprovalsKit/Instructor : New automated setup experience to take a group of learners through the learn module content.

Office Hours https://aka.ms/ApprovalsKit/OfficeHours : Join our regular office hours on the second Monday of each month.

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