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Introducing app ratings and reviews for Microsoft Teams: A new way to engage with your users

We’re thrilled to bring you an exciting update that will significantly enhance the way you interact with your users and gather valuable feedback for your apps on Microsoft Teams – App Ratings and Reviews.

How will Ratings and Reviews help your business?

We’re introducing this new feature for users to rate and review apps on Teams, simplifying feedback collection for ISVs and Publishers. This feature allows users to rate and review an app they have installed on Teams, and for developers to directly manage user feedback in Partner Center, enhancing the feedback process and offering benefits such as:

  1. User Engagement: Ratings and Reviews provide a platform for users to express their thoughts and experiences about your app. This can lead to increased user engagement and help readers make an informed decision before installing an app.
  2. Valuable Feedback: This feature offers insights into what users love about your app and areas for improvement. This feedback helps you iterate on your app, making it better with each update.
  3. Consistent Experience: The Ratings and Reviews feature is powered by Microsoft AppSource. This means that the same ratings and reviews will be shown across all app discovery points on Microsoft 365, providing a consistent experience for users and developers alike.

Apps 1.png

Apps 2.png

How does it work?

Users can rate an app on a scale of 1 to 5 and write a review sharing their experience with the app. Other users can mark these reviews as “helpful”, providing another layer of feedback. For users that have already installed apps on Teams, they will be prompted proactively to rate an app of usage sessions.

Publishers can reply to these reviews from the Partner Center, just as you would for reviews from AppSource. This allows you to engage directly with your users to address their concerns, and acknowledge their praise.

Its 5 usage sessions, but we don’t want to list that number as we want to experiment with the sessions we use to trigger the coachmark.

Write A Review.png

App 3.png

Ready to get started?

There are no  actions needed to enable Ratings and Reviews for your apps, but if you can follow these steps to view the Ratings and Reviews:

  1. Navigate to the Partner Center
  2. Find your app and select “Manage Ratings and Reviews”
  3. Enable the feature and save your changes

We’re excited to see how you use this feature to enhance your apps and deliver even better experiences for your users.

Additional resources can be found by visiting our Microsoft Teams Dev Center.

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