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Introducing a new way to purchase licensed Power BI visuals and manage licenses through Microsoft platforms

Last week, at Inspire, we announced a key enhancement to AppSource visuals.
You can now purchase and manage licenses of licensed visuals through Microsoft AppSource!

So how does it work?

  • Now, when you look at licensed visuals in AppSource, you can see all the available licensing plans for each visual. Of course, you can still download the visual for free and try the free functionality provided. Some paid plans also offer 1 free month.  Licensed visuals are visuals marked with price tag “Starts at Free” and has the “Plans + Pricing” tab.

  • Choose the best plan for you based on your business needs. Complete the transaction with supported payment methods. You can select automatic renewal, so you don’t have to worry about license expiration. You can also purchase licenses for other users.

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  • Assign licenses to yourself or other users in Microsoft 365 admin center.

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You will have full visibility on the status of the licenses you purchased. Only licensed users are entitled to use the paid functionality. You no longer need to work with multiple 3rd party providers to complete transactions or manage licenses. Everything is done within Microsoft platforms!

Do you want to try it?

We already have a handful of licensed visuals in AppSource available for you to download and try.

From CloudScope, LLC:  Collage NextGenCollage Pro NextGenVideoVideo pro

From LumelInforiver ChartsInforiver Premium Matrix

From Nova Silva: Merged Bar Chart

From OKVIZ Corp.: Bullet ChartCalendar Pro

From ZoomCharts: Drill Down Pie chart

Stay tuned for more visuals to come!

We look forward to your feedback

We want to hear from you! Send us any feedback and get in touch with us at ISVLicenseManagement@microsoft.com.

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