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Install correct .NET Framework for Dynamics 365 CRM Plugin Assembly | Plugin Registration Tool


Here’s how to solve if you see the below error while updating/registering your Plugin assembly in Plugin Registration Toolbox

Here’s how to go about solving the same!

Error while Updating Plugin Assembly

In case you see the above error in Plugin Registration Toolbox, here’s how you can upgrade your Project in Visual Studio to compile using the correct .NET Framework version as suggested in the error –

  1. Go to Properties of the Project and look for Application tab
  2. Now, drop down on the Target Framework and look for the version asked as in the error. At times, it appears that you don’t have it installed on the machine given that you just changed your system, so you need to download it.

    Select “Install other frameworks…”

  3. You’ll be redirected to this page (unless there’s a change in the future) – https://dotnet.microsoft.com/en-us/download/visual-studio-sdks?cid=getdotnetsdk
    And you can find the right Framework once you look for it. In this case, I need 4.7.1 version.
  4. Save the file and install once download.
  5. Once you begin to install, it’ll go about the same way as any other installer.

    And you’ll see this will be installed quickly [within few moments]

  6. Once done, close and restart Visual Studio and then again check the Applications section in Project’s Properties.
    You’ll see the installed version appear there.
  7. And once you select it, it’ll ask before applying this framework.
  8. Click Yes and compile the Assembly again. Once done, you’ll be able to register your plugin on the Plugin Registration Tool successfully.

Hope this helps!

Thank you!

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