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How to Use Update Operations in Microsoft Dataverse or MSCRM


Implementation Steps:

As I mentioned in my Previous Blog you can able to follow how to use Dataverse Connection with Console Application.

In this Blog we will see how to use Update Operation in Dataverse

Copy and Paste the below Code for Update Operations

Entity updateAccount = new Entity("account");
updateAccount.Id = new Guid("e0385c7b-8b32-ee11-bdf4-002248d5d764");
updateAccount["name"]= "Updated from Console Application";

“account” –> Entity Logical Name

“e0385c7b-8b32-ee11-bdf4-002248d5d764” –> GUID of the Record to Update

“name” –> Field Name to Update

“Updated from Console Application” –> Values to be Updated

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