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How to Enable Search in Address Finder Field in Canvas PowerApps

Implementation Steps:

1. Navigate to https://make.powerapps.com

2. Create a new Table Canvas PowerApps

3. Add Address Finder Controller from Insert

4. Preview the App


5. If will ask you to enable FULL Map access.

Let’s see how we can achieve this.

1. Navigate to https://admin.powerplatform.microsoft.com/

2. Then Select Environments then Open the Envionment

3. Click Settings at the Top and Select Features


4. Navigate to Map and address you will see an option called FULL 


5. Turn it ON and Agree Terms and Click Enable


6. Now Click Save.

7. Once Done.. Navigate to your tablet Canvas app and Refresh the Screen

8. Add the Address Control again

9. Preview the App


10. Enter the Value in the Text Box you will get the Address loaded 🙂

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