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How to Enable Maker Welcome Content (preview) in Power Apps Maker Portal?


Micrsoft has introduced a new feature for the admins to provide a customized welcome content to help their makers to get started with Power Apps.

In this article, will explain the process to customize the Maker Welcome Content in Power Apps.


Click on the below link and Enable Managed Environment

How to Enable Managed Environments for a Dataverse Environment?

Follow the below steps after the Prerequisite.

Step 1: Click on the required Environment in the Power Platform Admin Center.

Step 2: Click and Click on Edit Managed Environments.

Edit Managed Environments Popup will be shown.

Step 3: Scroll down to see the Maker welcome content (preview) feature.

Step 4: Enter Maker welcome content (preview) text and Learn more URL (optional) url as shown below.

Note: Used the Markdown Guide to write the Maker welcome content. Click on this link for more information.

Step 5: Click on Preview in new tab to see the Preview of the welcome content.

Preview of the content that I entered.

Step 6: Close the Preview and Click on Save.

Saving Managed Environments is in progress.

Step 7: Open Power Apps Maker Portal and Choose the Environment in which you had configured the Welcome Content in the Power Platform Admin Center to see the Customized Welcome content as below.

Note: If you do not provide the Learn more URL as mentioned in the Step 4, then you will not see the Learn More button in the Welcome content.

Step 8: Close the Getting Started Popup and Click on Learn.

Step 9: Click on From your org.

You can see the same welcome content here as well.

Hope you have followed all the steps and configured the Custom Welcome content in the Power Platform Admin Center for your required Dataverse Environment.

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