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How to Enable Blocking unmanaged customizations (Preview) feature in Dynamics 365 CE?


Blocking unmanaged customizations prevents anyone to update the Test, UAT or Production Dynamics 365 CE instances directly without any proper approvals or ALM life cycle, and hence this preview feature provides reliability, safety and auditing.

Once the setting is enabled these restrictions will be imposed for the environment:

  • Import of unmanaged solutions into the environment are blocked.
  • Creation of new solution objects like apps, tables, and forms are blocked.
  • Customizing existing solution objects are blocked.
  • Any unmanaged customizations changes result in an error returned to the user, such as: “This environment doesn’t allow unmanaged customizations. This was a choice made by your admin, and certain actions won’t be available or will be view only.”

The following operations are not blocked by this feature:

  • Change of environment variable values.
  • Enabling or disabling of solution objects. For example, turning Power Automate flows on or off.
  • Assigning of ownership or sharing of table records.
  • Solutions operations like remove active customizations.
  • Creation and export of unmanaged solutions.

The feature cannot be enabled in the default environment.

In this article, will explain step-by-step to enable this Block Unmanaged Customizations (Preview) in the Dynamics 365 CE environment.


1.Click on the below link and create a Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome Profile and go to the below Steps.

How to login multiple CRM accounts in Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browser?

2. Click on the below article link to create Power Apps Trial 30 days or if you have already had a Powers Apps Tenant, skip this step.

Create Microsoft Power Apps 30 days Online Trial Version

    Follow the below steps after Pre-Requisites.

    Step 1: Click on the below link to open Power Platform Admin Center.


    Step 2: Click on Environments.

    Step 3: Select the required Environment and Click on Settings.

    Step 4: Click on Product.

    Step 5: Click on Features.

    Step 6: Check for Block unmanaged customizations features and by default, this feature is Turned Off. Click on it to Turn On.

    The feature is Turned On now.

    Step 7: Scroll down to the last and Click on Save.

    Saving is in progress.

    Step 8: Click here to Open Power Apps Maker Portal in the new browser profile, created in the Prerequisites.


    If you are using US GCC Cloud, then follow the below article for Power Apps Maker Portal URL.

    Power Apps US Government service URLs

    Step 9: Click on the Environment and Choose the required Environment.

    Try to create any field or try to update some customization, you will get the below Message.

    Hope you have followed all the steps and enabled the Blocking unmanaged customizations in your environment.

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