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How to define prerequisites in Project Management and Accounting in Dynamics 365 FinOps

The video demonstrates how to define prerequisites in Project Management and Accounting in Dynamics 365 FinOps. The prerequisites include Category groups for ledger integration and grouping, Shared Categories for enabling per project, production or expense module across the legal entities, then finally defining project categories of types such as labour hours, expense, fees to define cost and sell prices and then select these categories for transactions. Additionally, project calendar composing working times is also defined in order to use the same calendar for timesheets, scheduling and other parts of the module. Finally, the Work breakdown structure template is defined containing various phases of a construction project, its activities, tasks and subtasks. How the linking of tasks is to categories and how the cost price and sell prices are defaulted is explained. Also, how the duration or work hours are defined for each of the task in WBS template, and the total effort in hours for a construction project is rolled up from granular level to the higher level is also explained.

#d365fo #projectaccounting #wbs #categorygroups #sharedcategories #projectcategories #costprice #sellprice #calenders #workingtimetemplate #workbreakdownstructure

About Trainer:
I am a certified Microsoft Trainer (MCT) and consultant manager in Microsoft Dynamics 365 FinOps, SAP S/4 Hana, Power platform, SharePoint, Azure, and Oracle Cloud with over 20 years of global experience in supporting industries as textile, manufacturing, retail, heavy equipment rental, transportation, facility management, building material, construction, and telecom infrastructure. Besides, I also support open-source software for digital needs.

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