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How to Cut Storage Costs in Dynamics 365


Your company almost certainly has files and data sets you don’t need anymore. Perhaps you collected a massive amount of data about your customers a few years ago. If you still have that information on your Dynamics 365 database, you’re probably spending more money than necessary for storage. 

More than likely, you can delete that old data because it doesn’t apply to your current projects. If you want to retain insights from the information you harvested in the past, use business intelligence software to focus on the most valuable insights. You might not remove every piece of data related to the project, but you can delete irrelevant files to create more room for future data collection. 

Depending on your industry, regulations might force you to retain some files longer than you want. Trained professionals can keep regulatory requirements in mind while scrubbing your database of unneeded files and data sets. Conducting a data cleanup helps ensure you always maintain access to the information you need without wasting money storing data you no longer require. 

Migrating data to a source outside of Dynamics 365 could also help. Dynamics Consulting Group can review your data and migrate files, products, and documents to SharePoint or Azure Cloud. Experts with years of data migration experience can compare your options to determine which one will save your business the most money without compromising security or speed. 

How long does it take?

The time required can vary by organization, but you can expect your quarterly data cleanup to take about three hours. 

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