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How to Create a Table record in a Dataverse environment from Postman?


In this article, will explain about creating a record in Accounts Table in the Dataverse environment from Postman.

Will create an Account record with the below values.

Field Display NameField Schema NameData TypeField Value
Account NamenameSingle Line of TextArun Potti – Microsoft
Contact MethodpreferredcontactmethodcodeChoice1 (Email)
Primary ContactprimarycontactidLookup (Contact)13736f40-3955-ed11-bba2-000d3a36d83f
(Provide existing contact GUID)
Last On Hold TimelastonholdtimeDate2022-10-26
Annual RevenuerevenueCurrency15000000
DescriptiondescriptionMultiple Lines of TextRecord created from Postman

Follow all the steps mentioned in the below article and go to Step 1.

How to setup and connect to the Dataverse environment in Postman?

Step 1: Click on the Collection … and Click on Add request to create a new Web API Request.

Step 2: Click on Rename to change the Web API Request name.

Renamed to Create Account record.

Step 3: Select POST Http Verb and provide the below text to create the Account record.


Step 4: Provide the below values under Headers section.


Headers will look likes the below.

Step 5: Click on Body, select raw and make sure that JSON has selected.

Step 6: Copy and paste the below JSON text to create Account record.


    “name”: “Arun Potti – Microsoft”,

    “preferredcontactmethodcode”: 2,

    “donotphone”: true,

    “primarycontactid@odata.bind”: “/contacts(13736f40-3955-ed11-bba2-000d3a36d83f)”,

    “lastonholdtime”: “2022-10-26”,

    “revenue”: 5000000,

    “address1_latitude”: 17.38714,

    “description”: “Record created from Postman”


Step 6: Click on Save and Send.

You can see a message 204 No Content, which means the request executed successfully and can see the Account GUID in the Headers section in the OData-EntityId key value pair in the Web API URL format.

Note: If you see 401 Unauthorized access issue on Send, then follow the below article and fix the problem and try again.

How to resolve 401 Unauthorized access issue in Postman while connecting to Dataverse?

You can check the record created information in the Power Platform Solutions or from any other Apps.

Hope you have followed all the steps and created the Account record from Postman.

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