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How to change the Title Bar Color and Theme in Power Apps

Understanding the Connection Between Power Apps and Microsoft 365

Firstly, it’s crucial to understand that the title bar color and theme in a Power Apps canvas app are not controlled within the Power Apps interface. Instead, these elements are linked to your Microsoft 365 account settings. This means any changes you make will affect not just your Power Apps but all your Office applications accessible via the web.

Empowering Users and Admins

The good news is that both individual users and Microsoft 365 admins have the power to alter these settings. Users can initiate the changes themselves, or admins can step in to create and apply custom themes across the organization.

Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Your Theme

  1.  Navigate to the Right Platform: You can start by visiting either make.powerapps.com or office.com. These platforms provide the necessary settings for theme customization.
  2.  Access the Settings: Look for the settings icon on these websites. This is your gateway to a range of customization options for your Office suite.
  3.  Choose Your Theme: Once in settings, you’ll find a selection of themes to choose from. These range from standard options provided by Microsoft to custom themes that may have been created by your organization’s admins.
  4.  Apply and Observe the Change: After selecting your desired theme, apply it. To see the changes reflected in your Power Apps canvas app, you may need to refresh the app.


  1.  Enjoy a Unified Experience: Remember, changing the theme here will modify the appearance of all your web-based Office applications, providing a consistent look and feel across your digital workspace.

YouTube video of this post can be found here -> In Power Apps Change Title Bar color and theme – YouTube

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