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How Real-time Marketing Consent Center works

Many ask how the real-time marketing Consent Center works and differs from the subscription center in outbound marketing. This post will discuss the difference between the two in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing.

For more information about the real-time marketing Consent Center, check Microsoft support content in the link.

How Real-time Marketing Consent Center works

To simplify, the difference between the consent center and the subscription center is mainly the scope. Therefore, I think we can start by trying to define each one.

Subscription Center

A subscription Center is a list or more of contact records who are accepted to receive marketing communications. Each list can have a particular interest. So, a contact can join or leave a list, such as new promotions or product updates.

Consent Center

The consent Center is not a contact record list like the subscription center. It is a list of emails or phone numbers with the level of consent that has been given. So, no specific interest is instructed to be followed as in the subscription center.

How Real-time Marketing Consent Center works
Create custom consent record

How is Real-time Marketing Consent Center helpful?

Well, I can say that the consent center is helpful depending on the use case and the client requirements. Me, I found that the new consent center was helpful in the following use cases.

Promot to leads and Customer Insights profiles without creating a contact record

First, the consent center is not limited to contacts as the subscription center was. Thus, we can market to leads and Customer Insights profiles in addition to contacts.

One of the most common questions I received from clients was about the need to promote to orphan leads without creating the contact record until the lead is mature; now they can!

Avoid sending communications to shared email or mobile numbers.

Many clients, especially those dealing with direct consumers, have multiple contacts with the same email or mobile number. For example, a man and his wife share the same email in all their subscriptions. They might have two separate contacts in Dynamics 365 marketing, but if one of them unsubscribes, the other contact can possibly still receive communications. This can be avoided using the consent center, as it checks for the email and mobile number regardless of which contacts have it.

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