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How NM&C Inc. leverages integrated maps within Dynamics 365 to Streamline Project Management


In the dynamic world of construction, efficiency reigns supreme. National Maintenance & Construction Inc. (NM&C Inc.) understands this principle well. As a nationwide leader in facility maintenance and general construction, NM&C Inc. boasts over 50 years of combined senior management experience, specializing in the repair and remodeling of retail, restaurant, commercial, and industrial properties. Their “hybrid” approach, combining self-performing technicians with a network of key alliances, allows them to tackle any maintenance or construction need, no matter the location.

However, even with a robust network, identifying qualified vendors for specific projects can become a time-consuming task. NM&C Inc. needed a solution that would streamline its vendor selection process and enable them to connect with the right partners faster.

Finding the Perfect Fit, Quickly

NM&C Inc. faced a specific challenge in their project management workflow:

  1. Vendor Location Visibility: They needed a way to visualize the geographical location of vendors with specific skill sets in relation to their project locations. This would ensure they were selecting vendors who could efficiently service their projects.
  2. Mass Communication for RFPs: The company required a tool that would allow them to quickly and efficiently send out Requests for Proposals (RFPs) to a large number of vendors. Manually sending individual emails was not an option for their high-volume operation.
  3. Platform Independence: NM&C Inc. sought a solution that would integrate seamlessly with their existing workflow, eliminating the need to rely on multiple platforms for different tasks.
Maplytics: A Location-Powered Solution

After evaluating several mapping applications, NM&C Inc. settled on Maplytics. This powerful tool, integrated with their Dynamics 365 CRM platform, offered the perfect blend of functionality and ease of use. Here’s how Maplytics transformed their vendor selection process:

  1. Vendor Mapping Made Easy: Maplytics allowed NM&C Inc. to plot the locations of their vendors with specific specialties onto a single map. This visual representation with custom pushpins  provided a clear understanding of vendor availability and facilitated efficient project planning.
  2. Mass RFP Distribution: With Maplytics, NM&C Inc. could create and send templated RFPs to hundreds, even thousands, of vendors with just a few clicks on the created Marketing Lists. This eliminated countless hours spent on phone calls and individual emails, streamlining their communication process.
  3. Seamless CRM Integration: Maplytics integrated seamlessly with NM&C Inc.’s existing Dynamics 365 CRM platform. This ensured all vendor data and project information resided in a central location, readily accessible to project managers.
Building a Strong Partnership

The impact of Maplytics on NM&C Inc.’s operations went beyond just saving time. Here are some of the key benefits they experienced:

  1. Reduced Costs, Improved ROI: By streamlining vendor selection and communication, NM&C Inc. saved countless hours across their projects. This translated to a better return on investment for both the Maplytics platform and their overall bottom line.
  2. Faster Vendor Response: Maplytics allowed NM&C Inc. to reach a wider pool of qualified vendors quickly. This faster response rate ensured they were receiving bids from the most relevant and available partners, leading to better project outcomes.
  3. Exceptional Customer Service: NM&C Inc. was particularly impressed by the company’s swift resolution and ongoing commitment to exceptional customer service. This experience solidified their trust in Maplytics as a reliable partner.
Building Success, One Project at a Time

NM&C Inc.’s story exemplifies the power of location intelligence in the construction industry. By leveraging Maplytics, they streamlined their vendor selection process, accelerated project timelines, and ultimately improved their overall efficiency.

What’s More?

Maplytics is like water that can be moulded into any role. It is a popular geo-analytical application that brings about seamless map integration within Dynamics 365. It simplifies Territory mapping, Radius Search, Route mapping, Heat Map Analysis, and a lot more!

To get more acquainted and experience it first-hand, one can write to crm@inogic.com To investigate the product further, with a personalized demo within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM / Dataverse get in touch with the team.

For applied knowledge, do visit our Website or Microsoft AppSource. One can hop on to the detailed BlogsClient TestimonialsSuccess StoriesIndustry Applications, and Video Library for a quick query resolution. You can also leave us a review or write about your experience on AppSource or G2 Website.

Until then,
Happy Management!

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