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Help! My Dataverse flow does not trigger anymore!

Today suddenly my flow does not trigger anymore. My flow should trigger when a new account is created but suddenly it doesn’t trigger my flow anymore.

My flow that should trigger on account creation does not trigger

First steps to debug the issue

First of all I tried to rerun a previous flow run. This flow still ran without any issue.

Help! My Dataverse flow does not trigger anymore! Microsoft Power Automate image 5

Then I clicked on the All runs to get to the Full Run history. Then within the Failed checks view I’m hoping to find a clue.

Failed checks menu

In the failed checks view I can see the flow that failed to trigger:

a flow does not trigger anymore see Failed checks

And in the flow run details for this flow that failed to trigger, I got another clue.

Entity 'callbackregistration' With Id = 5f079dee-9d84-ee11-8179-002248b1fb30 Does Not Exist

What does this mean:

Entity ‘callbackregistration’ With Id = 5f079dee-9d84-ee11-8179-002248b1fb30 Does Not Exist

Well something does not exist.

Fixing the flow when a flow does not trigger anymore

So how do we go about fixing these flows that fail to trigger?

First step is to switch off the flow using the Turn Off option in the menu.

Turn the flow that doesn't trigger anymore off and on

Then after that Turn the flow back On.

And that is it!

So what causes these kind of issues?

Understanding Power Automate flow schemas

When you run a flow there are a number of elements important to run a flow.

  • Connections (You can’t run actions without connections being valid!)
  • Input Parameters
  • Output Parameters

If any of the above change then you will find that testing a flow from a previous run will not work. But also if any of the above change in a child flow the parent flow will report issues. Restarting (Turn Off followed by Turn On) the parent flow may give you some error messages while you try to save the flow.

In our case we didn’t have input or output parameters in our flow. But we did have child flows that had their schema changed as some additional output parameters were added.

Regularly restarting your flows (in development only!) might be a good idea. So that you are at least aware of the issue before users report failures of the system.

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