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GP Migration Tool: GP SQL Tables Used, Whether GP Data can be Incrementally Replicated, and Where GP Data Lands in the Business Central Staging Tables

Hello All,

As more and more users migrate from GP to Business Central, we see increased requests for an all encompassing list of GP tables used, along with where that GP data lands in Business Central. As such, I would like to provide you with information about which GP SQL table(s) the data comes from, where it can be seen in the Business Central Staging Tables, and whether the GP table data can be incrementally replicated.

What is Incremental Replication? Incremental Replication is a process associated with changes such as updates, inserts, and deletions of data. When incremental replication is used, only the changes in data are migrated from GP to Business Central. When incremental replication is not used, the entire table or data set is overwritten during the migration process.

The following is a list of GP tables and datasets (via queries) used during the migration, whether they can be incrementally replicated, and where that data is stored in Business Central Staging Tables:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question 1: I posted transactions in Business Central after the migration was completed the first time. After a subsequent GP to BC migration was run, the transactions I posted in Business Central are missing. Is this normal?

Answer 1: Yes, this is completely normal. Users should not post transactions in Business Central until the final migration is complete. There is a warning which states that data may be overwritten that users must accept prior to using the Cloud Migration Setup tool in reference to this:

Question 2: How can I see the GP data in the Business Central staging tables?

Answer 2: Once the migration is complete, log into the company you migrated the GP data ‘into’, search on Table Information to open the Table Information list. Search on the appropriate table number or on GP, and then click on the the No. of Records field to view the data for that specific table:


Question 3: Can I drill back on this GP data to see more detailed transaction and related GP information?

Answer 3: No. The data migrated into the Business Central staging tables is moved via one to one relationship between the GP SQL table and the Business Central staging table, or via a SQL query encompassing many GP SQL tables into one Business Central staging table. Since these are two completely different ERP products, it is not possible to drill back to original transactions or related GP records from within these staging tables in Business Central.

I hope you find this information helpful! Don’t forget to check out our Landing Page for GP to BC Migrations!!

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