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Google’s AI Bard reviews Inogic’s App Suite for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM!

With the tsunami of AI Apps, we have entered a new era of ‘Artificial Intelligence for Business Progress’! Bard, an AI experiment by Google is one of the most talked about AI toys that the world is raving about. It is a buzz that Bard is friendlier than his rivals, is updated, and is well-read. Let us get an introduction from the horse’s mouth!

Insert Video (Introduction) https://youtu.be/cIY701kovpg

After this engaging introduction, let’s check what it knows about our technology of work

Google’s AI Bard

That is a comprehensive answer! It knows about the product, other similar products, benefits, et al.

So, can a learned AI like Bard assist in taking smart business decisions by leveraging more out of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM? Let’s find out!

80% of the data has a CRM Component attached to it. To better utilize location intelligence, a business would need a smart geo-mapping app added to Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

Google’s AI Bard

Maplytics, the 5-star rated app on the Microsoft AppSource & the flagship of Inogic is the front-runner for this category & Bard reiterates it!

With location intelligence taken care of, let us find a good app that can seamlessly integrate with external cloud stores like SharePoint, Dropbox, etc. within Dynamics 365 CRM.

Google’s AI Bard

Well, Bard seems to know its way around and confirms that Inogic’s Attach2Dynamics is the top app to move all your Dynamics 365 CRM attachments, notes, documents, and other files to your preferred cloud storage in real-time.

With the Storage problem being taken care of, let us move on to the next business requirement of having an automated checklist/ playbook within Dynamics CRM

Google’s AI Bard

Bard has placed Inogic’s Business Process Checklist among the top efficient business Playbooks for Dynamics 365 CRM. Good choice!

There are a lot of processes to be carried out in daily business operations. Remembering all of these is a task in itself. What if there was an app to visualize the Dynamics 365 CRM data in a categorized manner while being able to perform multiple operations on it? Let’s ask Bard!

Google’s AI Bard

Of course! It had to be an Inogic App. Kanban Board seems to be the only option with the ability to categorize the data into lanes, making it easier to review the records in a card-based view and identify the status of each.

Mailchimp is an integral part of Marketing Campaigns. What if that could be integrated with Dynamics 365 CRM? Is there a way of doing it? Let’s check Bard’s opinion

Google’s AI Bard

Yup! Inogic with its Marketing4Dynamics is numero uno! It syncs Mailchimp and Dynamics 365 CRM customers along with their marketing statistics data ensuring easy and quick access to information without navigating from one application to another.

For Subscription-based businesses, managing subscription and recurring billing processes on an everyday basis is a repetitive and tedious task. What if there was an app to streamline it for Dynamics 365 CRM Data?

Google’s AI Bard

Voila! Subscription and Recurring Billing Management provides a robust platform for all subscription-based businesses to seamlessly manage, and streamline subscription and recurring billing processes within Dynamics 365 CRM.

72% of people say gamification motivates them to do tasks and work harder on the job. Can gamification be applied to Dynamics 365 CRM?

Google’s AI Bard

Bard gets it right! Gamifics365 is a gamification app for Dynamics 365 CRM and Dataverse designed to increase user adoption and engagement by introducing game-like mechanics in day-to-day activities. It helps create appealing games to encourage healthy competition between individuals and team members.

Traditionally, users of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM communicated via email as the primary method. However, the demand for WhatsApp within CRM is growing exponentially. Does Bard have good suggestions for the same?

Google’s AI Bard

WhatsApp4Dynamics is a productivity app built for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM that empowers users to communicate effectively with customers, prospects, and business partners across the globe via WhatsApp without exiting the CRM ecosystem.

Become the first to experience WhatsApp4Dynamics by getting exclusive previews, early access opportunities, and more by joining Inogic’s Insider Program for it!

If a business decision-maker was to refer Bard to invest in a good sidekick for his Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, Inogic’s luxury suite of apps would be his ideal answer. Who would say no to apps that are the first choice of Bard for everything Dynamics 365 CRM? Bard’s answers and Inogic’s success streak are sufficient backing proof.

What is more to Inogic?

Inogic is a leading Microsoft ISV Gold Partner, focused exclusively on building innovative products and add-ons to Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM that plug functional gaps, enrich the user experience and maximize RoI. Our extensive portfolio features several AppSource Preferred Apps like Maplytics, SharePoint Security SyncClick2Clone, Undo2RestoreUser Adoption, Gamifics365, Kanban Board, Alerts4DynamicsInoLink: QuickBooks integration, and much more to augment Dynamics 365/CRM performance and usability. Inogic Professional Services delivers best-in-class cost-effective & custom solutions for Dynamics 365 CRM and Power Platform.

Inogic Professional Services Division studies the application of CRM for clients suggesting customized techno-functional improvements, as a trusted vendor for development it extends CRM functionalities with plug-ins, custom business apps,  Power Automate, Power BI, Power Apps, Power Pages, etc., it acts as an ODC or a virtual IT/development workforce, offer development services as dedicated outsourced developers, build productivity apps using a rich set of tools, existing templates, etc., automate scheduled manual operations, create intelligent automation and find insights by building tailored AI models, and a lot more. Team Inogic manifests to flourish these services ahead and enrich the customer base.

Until then,

Happy Googling!

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