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Global Reach with Localization of Microsoft Copilot

Every successful business today is looking for globalization of their services and products, but language is a big problem to give customer support. Microsoft Copilot is designed to communicate with customers in their native language. With its latest localization capabilities, Microsoft Copilot is revolutionizing customer interaction by speaking the universal language of understanding. Whether you’re a small business aiming to expand your reach or a multinational enterprise looking to enhance user engagement, the power of localization within Microsoft Copilot positions your services and support to resonate globally. 


Localization of Microsoft Copilot: 

Microsoft Copilot reveals a dedicated “Languages” section, indicating a robust commitment to multilingual support.  

The primary language is set to English (United States), with an option to add additional languages. 




Add New language-  

The intuitive interface allows businesses to effortlessly integrate a range of languages into their virtual assistant’s capabilities, ranging from widely spoken languages like Spanish and French to those specific to particular regions like Norwegian Bokmål and Thai. 




When you incorporate a new language into Copilot, it generates updated JSON and .resx files, enabling you to localize resources for the selected language. For instance, after adding Hindi to Copilot, it provides the option to download these files for updating resources to be in Hindi. 




Once you will download file you will find all resources available in default language (English) available in that file to replace with targeted (Hindi) language. 



Replace those values in destination language and then upload this file back to copilot.  

Now you can use Copilot in our language.  


Conclusion –  

Microsoft Copilot’s new localization feature breaks language barriers, offering businesses the power to communicate with customers in various languages. This capability ensures a more inclusive and resonant customer experience, essential for global expansion and enhanced user engagement. 

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