Get your Dynamics 365 FO tier 2 (sandbox) environment today!!

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All details apart, this post is a quick guide to get your own Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance Operations tier 2 environment FREE!! I will create step-by-step videos to explain all these steps in details, I know it requires detailed explanation. Subscribe 

Let’s begin…

Open this URL and click on Request a demo and sign up now

Enter work or school email address (create new if you don’t have one – this can be gmail or hotmail account so don’t worry too much – it should be your and valid email as you will receive email confirmation on this account), upon entering your email account it will ask you set up a new account. 

Complete all steps and verify your account either via email or SMS.

Get Started 

Choose region on next screen and Submit

Log on to Lifecycle Services with an account you created above (e.g. I created this account First time you will following screen 

Click on + sign to create new project (Select product of your choice – I have chosen Finance and Operations) 

Project is created, click on Project onboarding  and follow the documentation to complete project onboarding. This is a must step before environments will get deployed. Comment to discuss more about this process with me.

Upon project onboarding completion, the configure button will be enabled (note for this example, I have not completed the onboarding process hence the configure button is disabled)

Configure new environment following MS docs article – any question again ping me directly. This will take less than an hour to deploy new sandbox (tier 2) environment for Finance Operations. This also creates a new environment in power platform, check it from this URL
Sign up for FREE on for 1 month using same account 🙂
I know there are steps require more explanation, I will create short videos on all steps and share. Stay Tune!! 

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