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General ledger adjustments feature in Microsoft Dynamics 365 finance and operations

Recently while looking at feature management workspace (Which I try to do on regular basis) I saw this feature and was curious what exactly it is? because when it comes to adjustments its up to business to decide what adjustments they want to make.

So, after enabling it looks like Microsoft is trying to streamline a very critical problem solution process which is currently offline and that problem is ledger adjustment entries due to environment issue/data corruption issue which all of us have faced in our career in different projects.

Few of the problem which I remember:

  1. Transactions are posted in subledger but there is no ledger impact in general ledger.
  2. There are certain transactions which had double impact in general ledger against one subledger transaction (Due to batch transfer rule)

Now when we observe such issue, we reach out t Microsoft for further investigation. Most of the times Microsoft finds the root cause of the problem and raise that as product bug which will be fixed in future but what about the already corrupted or missing data?

Now for that Microsoft suggests the workaround to post journal entries and here problem starts , all these communications about journal entries, dates, what journal etc… are communicated over the emails.

Now with this feature Microsoft has tried to make this systematic and within system.


Because of a serious system error that occurred in your environment, or a necessary data correction to the general ledger, Microsoft asked you to review possible ledger adjustments for your system.

Lets see how this can be enabled:

Navigation :

That’s it for this blog.

Thank you!!! Keep reading and sharing!!!

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