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General Availability of next-gen Premium Platform

We are thrilled to announce the general availability of the platform that powers Power BI Premium experiences.

With this release Power BI Premium meets a milestone in its evolution, becoming a world-class capacity-based Analytics SaaS product powering mission-critical enterprise-grade analytics solutions.

After a year in preview, the next-gen platform is now battle-proven to meet the demands of any the widest range analytics solutions: from self-service randomly distributed business datasets to centrally curated and distributed pixel-perfect reports and anywhere in between.

The new platform assures reliable unmatched support for large scale analytics, simple low-overhead administration, and introducing “Autoscale” – an optional add-on providing automatic temporary upscaling to address the ever-dynamic demand for computing power. Power BI Premium capacities, now more than ever before, enable unmatched analytics solutions delivery on an enterprise scale, which is both efficient and cost-effective. The new platform serves as the bedrock on top of which new and exciting Power BI capabilities will be built on from hereon and using this platform will be the key to unlocking the full potential in all upcoming new features.

Administrators of next-gen premium capacities will find it easier than ever to track the essential resources a Premium capacity uses, know when opting-in to overload slowdown protection via Autoscale is advisable, or if getting a larger capacity is recommended.

During the preview period, Autoscaleas enabled with zero charges to allow early adopters to grow accustomed to the new platform and adapt any operational practices to its capabilities. Now that the platform is Generally Available, Power BI will begin charging for Autoscale cores that were added to each capacity per the previously announced pricing for Autoscale. Autoscale charges will begin taking place on November 4th 2021.

We encourage all owners of Premium capacities to leverage the available next-gen platform as soon as possible and enjoy its many great improvements today by upgrading their capacities in the admin portal. Go to our online Premium documentation to learn how start enjoying the many benefits of the next-gen platform today!.

Exciting times!

The Power BI Premium team

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