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Explore new capabilities in Microsoft Power Virtual Agents at the Microsoft Business Applications Launch Event

Businesses today are constantly facing new and bigger challenges and are being asked to do more for less. Technology is diversifying and evolving faster than ever to address these issues, giving industries across the board a growing number of solutions to sift through. While managing these fast-paced changes and innovations, you also need to engage your customers at every touchpoint with remarkable customer experiences.  


To help your team take on these complex challenges and drive your business toward future success, it’s essential to invest in the right technology.

Discover the next generation of intelligent business applications

The future of business starts today—and we’re excited to invite you to get a first look at what you need to get ahead at the Microsoft Business Applications Launch Event on April 4. Register now to see hundreds of new product features, advancements, and innovations to help you drive revenue, delight customers, increase visibility, and strengthen collaboration across your organization.

Learn about the new features and capabilities being released across Microsoft Power Virtual Agents, including:

Conversation boosters in Power Virtual Agents empower everyone in your organization to build useful bots in minutes. Conversation boosters enable you to tailor the conversations your bots have with context based on your data by simply pointing your bot to a URL when there’s no topic already available. After searching your organization’s information, results are filtered and summarized in Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service. Your bots will be able to adapt and answer users’ questions for these new topics in minutes.

Here’s a preview of bots guided by conversation boosters—all done without the need for manual work:

Shows three Power Virtual Agents bot responses that are using the new conversation booster capability. Universities, government agencies and national parks are able to provide instant responses just by connecting the website URL. From left to right, “what are your admissions requirements”, “tell me about premiums”, “can you help me plan a trip to Kalaupapa”.

See conversation boosters in action for both customer-facing bots and employee-facing scenarios, and for Copilot features—also available to try now.

With Copilot in Power Virtual Agents, AI capabilities simplify and speed up bot building—saving makers hours previously spent making and maintaining bots and topics. Tell Copilot what data to collect and a dialog will be created with trigger phrases, entities, variables, and branching. You can also use natural language prompts to refine your bots and update them manually with an intuitive graphical user interface.

Power Virtual Agents graphical interface showcasing the new Copilot experience where you can provide a name and description of the bot topic and Copilot will build it.

More enhancements in advanced bot building include an intuitive conversation authoring studio, end-to-end software as a service (SaaS), and thousands of prebuilt connectors that make it easier for professional and citizen developers to create, collaborate, deploy, and manage intelligent bots.

PowerFX also supports bot building with features to access and use data, eventing logic, and code—and create interactive visual cards for conversations.

And there’s much more in store. You’ll also see how these solutions work for businesses like yours with demos hosted by Microsoft product experts. You’ll hear from Charles Lamanna, Microsoft Corporate Vice President of Business Applications and Platforms, about how to innovate with business applications to grow your business faster than ever. The team behind the Microsoft Power Platform 2023 release wave 1 will also share insights and guide you through how all these updates, advancements, and new tech will help you:

  • Expand visibility, reduce time, and enhance creativity in your departments and teams with unified, AI-powered capabilities.
  • Empower your employees to focus on revenue-generating tasks while automating repetitive tasks.
  • Connect people, data, and processes across your organization with modern collaboration tools.
  • Innovate without limits using the latest in low-code development, including new next-generation AI capabilities.

AI innovations

A major theme of this digital event is the evolution of AI. Leaders in the field will show you some of the latest developments in AI that are leading the next generation of business applications. You’ll also join us for a special session that includes a deep dive into the tech behind language models hosted by Dr. Walter Sun, Microsoft Vice President, AI in Business Applications. Throughout the event, you’ll receive expert guidance on how to build more agile, customer-focused teams by empowering your solutions with AI and see firsthand how to get more value out of your data, collaboration, and tools.

Brand-new insights from the experts

Find out how to enhance your customer experiences across your business with a look at real-life scenarios in expert-led demos of new capabilities and features. Gain valuable insights for overcoming your current challenges from other Microsoft customers who will share their journeys. And if you have any questions for the experts, ask them during a live Q&A chat.

For a range of key best practices, strategies, and insights applicable to organizations across many industries, you don’t want to miss this digital launch event.

Register now. We hope you’ll join us.

Microsoft Business Applications Launch Event

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

9:00 AM–10:30 AM Pacific Time (UTC–7)

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