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Enhancing Seller Productivity: Customize Viva Sales Forms

In today’s competitive business landscape, maximizing the value sellers derive from sales tools is paramount. One key aspect of achieving this is the ability for customers to customize Viva Sales forms, enabling them to have the right business information at the right time. This blog post explores how the latest Viva Sales update empowers administrators to add relevant out-of-the-box or custom entities to enhance the Viva Sales experience, so sellers can reduce context switching across applications and instead focus on building stronger relationships with their customers to close deals faster. 

We have integrated Viva Sales settings with the underlying CRM app, offering a more cohesive admin experience. When adding a new entity to Viva Sales, administrators now have the option to select an existing view from the CRM app to retrieve metadata information. This CRM view determines the fields to be shown, their order, filtering, and sorting definitions for Viva Sales forms and list views. 

Customize Viva Sales: Add new entities to Viva Sales from the Forms menu entry in the admin settings

Adding new entities to Viva Sales 

Viva Sales administrators can easily add entities from the Viva Sales settings. It’s important to note that only entities directly related to existing Viva Sales entities are available for selection. Additionally, administrators can control how the new entity is related to relevant existing Viva Sales entities. This influences its visibility in the Outlook side pane. For example, when admins add the Case entity, defining its relation to Contact and Accounts will determine how it displays in the main view and the detailed entities view within the Outlook side pane. Entities related to other entities will appear in the detailed view of their corresponding entities. For instance, adding the “Opportunity Product” entity will show the product list for a specific opportunity in the detailed view of opportunity records. 

Adding new entities through customization extends their availability across various Viva Sales experiences, including the Outlook side pane and the Teams message extension. This ensures that sellers can access and interact with the relevant information seamlessly within their preferred Viva Sales flow of work. 

Add new entity: Admin selects a CRM view to use as a reference for the entity form and views.  

Sellers have additional entities in the Viva Sales side pane and can click to see entity details and related entities. Sellers can also share any entity with their colleagues in Teams using an adaptive card. 

Seller views: side panel available entities, side panel detail view and Microsoft Teams adaptive card

Keeping Viva Sales customization up to date 

When changes are made to the CRM entities exposed in Viva Sales it is important to refresh the Viva Sales settings area to reflect the update. These changes are not automatically refreshed and require action to keep a consistent experience across the applications.

Removing entities

Administrators have the flexibility to remove entities from Viva Sales. If an entity has related entities within Viva Sales, these related entities will be removed together with the main entity. This will happen unless they are still associated with other entities. Contact remains an exception and can’t be removed from Viva Sales. Removing entities doesn’t remove any data from Viva Sales or your CRM app. It only impacts the visibility of CRM data in the Viva Sales app. 

Saving Outlook emails and meetings to custom entities 

Empowering sellers with greater flexibility, the latest customize Viva Sales update enables saving Outlook emails and meeting activities to any Viva Sales out-of-the-box or custom entity. Sellers can now save activities to any entity that has been added to Viva Sales. Please note that today saving to custom entities is currently available exclusively for Dynamics 365 customers. 

Save email activity to a lead record.  

The ability to customize Viva Sales forms plays a pivotal role in ensuring the information is highly relevant and impactful for the seller while keeping them working within the applications they prefer. The latest update allows Viva Sales administrators to:

  • Effortlessly add new relevant custom and out-of-the-box entities.
  • Leverage CRM views.
  • Provide sellers with a tailored experience across various interfaces.

By keeping Viva Sales customization up to date and allowing for expanded options when saving Outlook activities, this update equips sellers with the tools they need to excel in their sales endeavors. Embrace the power of customization in Viva Sales and unlock a more efficient and personalized sales workflow. 

Next steps

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