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Enhance collaboration with Microsoft Teams Premium

Today, we are excited to unveil the latest innovations coming to Microsoft Teams Premium to make collaboration more intelligent, engaging, and protected.

Teams Premium has enhanced intelligent productivity in meetings for some time, and we’re pleased to now extend that capability to calls and customer engagement. New functionality across meeting types of all kinds supports teams with an efficient, consolidated solution for all engagements—both internal and external. And we continue to meet the evolving needs of our hybrid world with features that expand the types of content you can share while applying measures that help maintain confidentiality.  

This post provides details for all the Teams Premium features and solutions announced at Enterprise Connect. To learn more about the latest innovations across Microsoft Teams, check out the blog posts AI-powered collaboration with Microsoft Teams and What’s New in Microsoft Teams, Enterprise Connect Edition.

Improve efficiency with a single point solution

Introducing the Queues app
We are excited to introduce the all-new Queues app, a native, Microsoft Teams experience that allows members to take and make customer calls within Teams. This collaborative call handling solution allows team members to manage customer calls and for team leads to manage queues, access reports, and analyze data. The familiar Teams interface eliminates the need for app-switching, enabling users to handle customer calls while staying in the flow of work.

The Queues app is simple way to extend the customer care capabilities of your organization to users with Teams Premium and Teams Phone licenses. The Queues app will be available in Summer 2024. Along with this announcement, we are offering a limited number of pre-launch previews for interested customers. Reach out to your Microsoft representative for details or share your interest by nominating your organization to participate.

To learn more about the Queues app, read the deep dive post: https://aka.ms/QueuesAnnounce

Town halls third-party eCDN supported
Third-party eCDN providers are supported with advanced town hall functionality in Teams Premium that includes scaling of up to 20,000 attendees with Q&A support and concurrency of up to 50 events across a tenant. Admins can disable Microsoft first party eCDN in Teams Admin Center or using the powershell command and switch the users back to using a third-party eCDN provider as they prefer. This feature requires a Team Premium license and is generally available. Support for third-party eCDN in advanced town halls is now available.

Organizers can select languages for translation in advanced town halls
Organizers can select up to 10 languages to support live translated captions in advanced town halls that attendees can choose from for a more inclusive experience. Organizer selection of languages for translation in advanced town halls will be available in April.

Organizers can select languages for translation in advanced town halls.png

Manage what attendees see enhancements for advanced webinars
The manage what attendees see experience is now easier for organizers to bring presenters on and off the screen with the switch of a toggle. Presenters have a ‘live’ indicator on their video feed when they have been brought on screen. Manage what attendees see enhancements for advanced webinars will be available in May.

Manage what attendees see enhancements for advanced webinars1.png

Intelligence for every interaction

Intelligent call recap
Automatically generated AI-powered notes and action items from your calls will soon be available in the Calls app in Teams to help you stay focused on your conversations and save time coordinating next steps. Intelligent call recap will support both VoIP and PSTN calls, so you can enjoy the benefits of easily accessing call summaries from calls for which transcription was enabled. This feature will be available next quarter for both Teams Premium and Copilot for Microsoft 365 users.

Intelligent call recap.png

Intelligent Meeting Recap on Teams Mobile
Staying engaged in meeting discussions while on-the-go just got easier with intelligent recap on mobile. Now you can access AI-generated meeting notes, AI-generated tasks, name mentions, and easily browse the meeting recording by speakers. Intelligent recap is now available on Teams for iOS and Android for both Teams Premium and Copilot for Microsoft 365 users.

Intelligent Meeting Recap on Teams Mobile.png

Preset Organization Backgrounds
With preset organization backgrounds in Teams Premium, we’re excited to expand the ways that administrators can infuse their brand into meetings, while enhancing the consistency and professionalism of their organization. When enabled, a user will have a preset background defined by the IT admin without the ability to change the background. Preset organization backgrounds are available now for Teams Premium users.

Preset Organization Backgrounds.png

Branded meetings in Teams Premium supports meeting invite and meeting join launch page
Now branded meetings support the meeting join launch page and the meeting invite, so you can add your company logo and company image to the meeting invite and join launcher page. Take your meetings to the next level by infusing an elevated sense of professionalism and personalization to all your meetings. Branded meeting support for meeting invite and meeting join launch page is now available.

Branded meeting join.png

Maintain confidentiality in the hybrid world

Expanded support for Teams in-meeting watermarking

For Teams meetings that have Teams Premium watermarking enabled, the watermark will now extend to also be included when using PowerPoint live, Excel live, and Whiteboard in Teams meetings. When enabled by the meeting organizer, meeting attendees will see a watermark displayed over screen shares, video feeds, PowerPoint live, Excel live, and Whiteboard. Available now!

Expanded support for Teams in-meeting watermarking.png

Control who can transcribe
We are excited to provide meeting organizers with more control over meetings by expanding the existing ‘Who can record’ control to include transcription. Teams Premium licensed meeting organizers will see an updated control called ‘Who can record and transcribe’ in the meeting options pane which will enable them to determine which meeting roles are able to initiate recording and transcription for a meeting. The “Who can record and transcribe” meeting option will be available in April.

Export support for Teams Admin Center reports: inactive teams, inactive domains, external domain activity
Extended export functionality for Teams Admin Center reports empowers administrators with greater visibility and analysis capabilities into their organization’s collaborative framework.

As part of Advanced collaboration analytics , admins will be able to export the ‘Inactive Teams’, ‘Inactive External Domains’ and ‘external domain activity’ reports as .csv files. Admins can then view and manipulate the raw data for deeper analysis to better understand the organization’s overall exposure and potential security risks, and create visualizations to better present these insights to other stakeholders.

The ‘Inactive Teams’ and ‘Inactive External Domains’ reports are accessible in the Teams Admin Center via the “Collaboration Activity” dashboard or through the “Usage Reports.” Administrators can export the reports by clicking on the Excel icon located at the top of the reports. .csv exports for ‘Inactive Teams’ and ‘Inactive External Domains’ reports will be available in April.


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