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Engage your customers faster with AI-powered marketing email content

Marketers are often asked to do more with lessand do it yesterday. Every day, they need to quickly create compelling, unique email content that grabs the customer’s attention in a sea of competing messages. Designing marketing email content can be incredibly challengingand often the toughest part is getting started. It’s hard to be creative under pressure. Wouldn’t it be ideal if you could just focus on the key points you want to convey and let artificial intelligence generate your email copy? With AI-powered Content ideas in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing, you can.

Kickstart creativity with Content ideas

The new Content ideas feature in Dynamics 365 Marketing helps you kickstart the creation of marketing emails and discover new ways to express your thoughts. AI generates custom suggestions that you can review and edit, much like brainstorming with a teammate. With Content ideas, you can find inspiration in seconds to create engaging event registration emails or convincing reminders to return and complete a purchase.

Imagine that you work as a marketer for a clothing retailer. The new winter collection hits the market in a few days, and you need to create a promotional email to sell out the fall collection. All you need to get started are a few thoughts about what you want your email to say. Content ideas will use them to generate text suggestions for you.

You type:

  • The end of the year is in sight
  • Winter is coming, but the only thing that’s freezing are our prices
  • Use code HAPPYDANCE
graphical user interface, text, application

And, in just seconds, AI supplies the inspiration for engaging emails.

graphical user interface, text, application, email

Content ideas will generate up to 20 text suggestions for your key points. Select the content you like best and use it as-is or customize it. No more writer’s block.

With Content ideas, you can easily produce new and original marketing email content on demand, without having to struggle or search the web for hours for an original idea.

Content ideas is a game changer for marketers

In our example, Content ideas helped you craft your fall promotion email campaign in minutes. You gained precious time and created engaging email content that was perfectly adapted to your brand’s essence. Your email campaign is a remarkable success. Customers snapped up the remaining clothes from last fall. The store is ready for winter, and so are you with fresh content ideas!

There’s no doubt that generative AI is on the rise. It’s a game changer for marketers, and with good reason. The possibilities are infinite. Microsoft is at the forefront of incorporating this exciting innovative technology in our products. Through Content ideas, Dynamics 365 Marketing capitalizes on AI to make marketers more productive and their jobs easier. By providing custom solutions that make each business unique, Content ideas helps marketers reimagine their email campaigns to deliver more with less.

Try it today, and level up your email campaigns with unique content in seconds!

Next steps

To find out more about Content ideas in Dynamics 365 Marketing, read the release notes and check out the product documentation: Preview: Use AI to kickstart email creation with Content ideas (Dynamics 365 Marketing) | Microsoft Learn

Not yet using Dynamics 365 Marketing? Take a tour and start a free trial.


  • Content ideas is available in preview in English-language environments in the North America region only. We will expand availability to more regions if there is high customer demand.
  • Content ideas uses the most advanced generative AI language model in the world, GPT-3. GPT-3 has been trained on a vast number of text samples from the Internet to generate text in English that looks and sounds like it was written by a human. Microsoft runs on trust. Trust must be earned in the short term as well as the long term. In Dynamics 365 Marketing, we see the responsible use of AI as an opportunity to demonstrate trustworthiness as well as a path for innovationa way to minimize harm and expand our capacity to provide useful and delightful experiences for our customers and their customers. Read how Dynamics 365 Marketing approaches responsible AI with intention.
  • Product visuals are for illustrative purposes only and might not reflect the general availability feature.

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