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Enabling and securing Microsoft Teams meeting data retention at Microsoft

With AI in Microsoft Teams meetings, when meetings are recorded and transcribed those artifacts can be utilized to produce an AI-generated intelligent meeting recap. Intelligent meeting recap leverages AI to automatically provide a comprehensive overview of the meeting, helping users save time and make their meetings more impactful. While the benefits of AI-powered meetings like intelligent recap and Copilot for Microsoft 365 are shown to be impactful, customers may have concerns about how retaining Teams meeting data might impact their security posture and records retention policies.


We’re excited to share that Microsoft Digital (MSD), the Microsoft IT organization, has put together a public story on how they approach balancing these varying aspects of Teams meeting artifacts and data with AI. This can help organizations understand how to approach asking the right questions and establishing a foundation to build off. Included in the story are perspectives from both IT architects and records compliance for Microsoft Corporate, External, and Legal Affairs (CELA). Topics covered are the policy considerations of Teams meeting data retention, questions to consider when building the proper guardrails, and using those questions to form your organizational policy.


Every organization will have different considerations and factors when crafting policies around using AI and meeting artifacts, which should include working with legal and records management teams. Questions will need to be asked and addressed to assemble the proper guardrails based on internal requirements. Microsoft Digital’s story can help serve as a starting point for organizations looking to embrace AI in their Teams meetings.

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Check out the Microsoft Digital blog on Enabling and securing Microsoft Teams meeting data retention at Microsoft! In addition to the story, below are some helpful articles on managing Teams recordings and data retention:


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