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Enable Copilot for Project Operations


Recently, you must have observed Copilot being introduced in every other Microsoft Business and M365 applications. Dynamics 365 Project Operations too being no exception! Here’s how you can get the same

Enable Copilot in Project Operations

Here’s how you can enable Copilot in Project Operations –

  1. In Project Operations app, Navigate to Settings in the SiteMap area –
  2. Then, Navigate to Parameters. Then, open the Parameter record itself (Avoid click on the Default Organization Unit as it’ll take you to the Org Unit record and not the intended Parameter record).
  3. Then, you can drop down from the Feature control and see that the Copilot option is available to enable for you.
  4. Once you click on it, it’ll ask you for confirmation. Click OK if everything looks good to you.

    It takes a few moments for Copilot to be enabled for Project Operations environment.

Disable Copilot

Here’s how you can disable Copilot if not needed –

  1. In case you don’t want to use Copilot and want to disable it, you can open the Parameter record in Project Operations’ Settings area and drop down from the Feature Control ribbon button to find that you can now Disable Copilot if it is in enabled state.

Hope this post was useful!

Thank you!

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