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Empowering Field Workforce with a Manual of Integrated Maps within Dynamics 365


The world of field operations is extremely demanding. Field sales reps and field service technicians are the backbone of many businesses, constantly on the move, forging relationships, closing deals, and resolving critical customer issues. However, the traditional methods of managing territories, planning routes, and accessing crucial information can be cumbersome and inefficient. This is where Maplytics, a leading geospatial solution for Dynamics 365 CRM/ Dataverse, can be leveraged. By integrating location intelligence seamlessly with your existing Dynamics 365 modules, Maplytics empowers your field force or frontline workers with the features they need to excel and evolve.

Field Sales’ Path to Success

For field sales reps, time is money. Every minute spent navigating inefficient routes or sifting through spreadsheets translates to lost opportunities, bad impressions, or missed commissions. Maplytics equips these reps with powerful features that transform their daily operations:

  1. Visualize Your Sales Landscape: Plot your entire customer base on a map, gaining a clear understanding of regional sales concentrations and potential leads. This allows for targeted prospecting, identifying areas with high potential for new customer acquisition.
  2. Intelligent Territory Management: Gone are the days of static, poorly defined territories on a piece of paper. Define territories based on postal codes, zip codes, or even custom shapes, ensuring balanced workload distribution and fostering healthy competition amongst sales reps. This approach optimizes sales efforts and maximizes potential within each territory.
  3. Find Leads in the Neighbourhood: Radius/ Proximity Search ensures the potential leads and clients nearby are spotted, listed, and targeted first. Traveling longer distances to crack a deal can be covered in phase two.
  4. Route Optimization to Save Minutes: Eliminate the frustration of manually planning routes with Maplytics’ route optimization feature. Factor in traffic patterns, travel time, and appointment schedules planned with Auto Scheduling to generate efficient, multi-stop Smart routes. This allows reps to visit more clients in a day, maximizing their productivity and minimizing wasted time on the road.
  5. Data at Your Fingertips: Empower your sales reps with instant access to crucial customer information directly on their mobile devices. View customer profiles, past interactions, and sales history on the Maplytics mobile app. This allows for better-prepared sales calls and fosters more personalized customer interactions.
  6. Streamlined Reporting & Analysis: Gain valuable insights into sales performance across regions with Maplytics’ visual reporting features like Heat Map Analysis. Analyze sales trends, identify opportunities, and track key metrics like the number of calls made, deals closed, and revenue generated – all within a geographical context. This empowers sales managers to make data-driven decisions and optimize sales strategies for maximum success.
Field Service Gets Efficiency at the Doorstep

For field service technicians, promptness and efficiency are paramount. Meeting customer SLAs, completing service calls effectively, and resolving issues swiftly are essential for maintaining customer satisfaction. Maplytics provides the perfect toolkit for technicians to excel:

  1. Real-Time Visibility: Track the real-time location of your entire field service team on a map. This allows managers to monitor progress, identify technicians closest to new service requests, and dynamically assign jobs based on availability.
  2. Turn-by-Turn Navigation: Maplytics guides technicians directly to customer locations with clear, turn-by-turn navigation directions on their mobile devices following optimized routes. This eliminates the need for route planning and ensures they arrive on-site promptly, prepared to handle the service request.
  3. Data Capture on the Go: Empower technicians to capture vital information directly on the Maplytics mobile app. Document service completion reports, collect customer signatures, and capture photos of the repair site – all within one seamless platform, that can be shared using the app itself. This eliminates cumbersome paperwork and ensures accurate data capture for future reference.
  4. Offline Access to Critical Information: Even in areas with limited internet connectivity, technicians can access essential job details, customer information, and service history saved within the system. This ensures uninterrupted service delivery, and query solving, and empowers technicians to resolve issues regardless of location.
The Tangible Benefits

Both field sales reps and field service technicians experience significant benefits by leveraging Maplytics:

  1. Increased Productivity: Optimized routes, real-time visibility, and access to vital information on mobile devices empower both sales reps and technicians to accomplish more in less time.
  2. Improved Customer Satisfaction: Faster response times, efficient service delivery, and better communication fostered by Maplytics lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  3. Data-driven decision-making: Gain valuable insights from visual reports to identify trends, optimize strategies, and allocate resources effectively based on real-world data insights.
  4. Enhanced Collaboration: Improved communication between dispatchers, field reps, technicians, and customers promotes streamlined workflows and a more collaborative work environment.
  5. Reduced Costs: Systematic operations, planned meetings, optimized routes, and reduced travel time result in significant cost savings for your business.

Overall, the field employees flourish while enjoying a work-life balance with Maplytics.

What’s More?

Maplytics is like water that can be moulded into any role. It makes map integration within Dynamics 365 look seamless. Radius Search, Route Mapping, and more have become super easy to use. To get more acquainted and experience it first-hand, one can write to crm@inogic.com To investigate the product further, with a personalized demo within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM / Dataverse get in touch with the team.

For applied knowledge, do visit our Website or Microsoft AppSource. One can hop on to the detailed BlogsClient TestimonialsSuccess StoriesIndustry Applications, and Video Library for a quick query resolution. You can also leave us a review or write about your experience on AppSource or G2 Website.

Until then,
Happy Selling!

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