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Embed Canvas App on Model-Driven Form Only Works on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Web Client

The Power Apps Embed a canvas app on a model-driven form capability can offer some wonderful mash up design options (best of Model Driven and Canvas App together). However – there is a limitation – currently it only works on the Dynamics 365 Web Client as noted in this limitation article.

The canvas app custom control is only supported for use with the Web client type. Currently, the Phone and Tablet client types aren’t supported.

No cell phones icon

So what happens if you enabled the Embed Canvas app control on the Phone or Tablet Client?

Error – this is what happens when we enabled Show component on Mobile and Tablet:

Power Apps is unable to complete sign in. Please make sure third party cookies are allowed in your browser settings. We tried adjusting the iPhone’s Safari settings – no luck.

This app isn’t working. Refresh your browser or try again later.

Tested the current Dynamics 365 Mobile Apps:

  • Dynamics 365 for phones and tablets
  • Dynamics 365 Sales mobile app
  • Power Apps mobile
  • Microsoft Outlook mobile with Dynamics 365 Add-in

All the above Microsoft Dynamics 365 Mobile Apps have the same embed canvas issue. So if you are looking for a customization option that supports Dynamics 365 mobile – will have to wait for embed canvas support on mobile client. Or build the mobile app entirely via stand-alone Power Apps Canvas!

Now, if the functionality is only needed on the Dynamics 365 Web Client for call center customer service or inside sales representatives – then definitely consider the embed canvas within model driven form for design options.

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Frank Lee
12 times awarded Microsoft MVP – Dynamics 365 / CRM
San Francisco Bay Area | Silicon Valley

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