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Email documents using print management in Microsoft dynamics 365 finance and operations

Many times, we have requirement to auto trigger email for some documents like Purchase order confirmation, Sales order invoices, free text invoices etc…So to do this we can use print management functionality of Microsoft dynamics 365 finance and operation to setup printing method as email and run the batch job for specific task.

Print management is available in different modules like AP, AR, procurement and sourcing and sales marketing for document printing. Navigation for this is :

Accounts receivable > Setup > Forms > Form setup. Click Print management.


Accounts payable > Setup > Forms > Form setup. Click Print management.


Procurement and sourcing > Setup > Forms > Form setup. Click Print management.


Project management and accounting > Setup > Forms > Form setup. Click Print management.

Few examples of this is :

  1. Send PO confirmation through email.
  2. Sales invoice through email
  3. Free text invoice through email
  4. Collection letter through email
  5. Interest notes through email
  6. Project invoice through email
  7. Sales order shipment through email

In this blog, I will take example of purchase order confirmation.

Note: For other documents also, we can follow similar steps.

Print management can be defined in two ways.

  1. Normal

This is when you have only single method of printing any document e.g. you would like to send all your purchase orders through email or manual or download as file etc…

2. Conditional print management

This is when you would like to have multiple methods of printing e.g. you want to send one report format for one set of vendor group and another report of format for other group of vendors or you would like send email for all the vendor exact one group of vendors.

So in this case we can use conditional print management setup.

Now lets understand this one scenario

Scenario: Customer USMF wants to auto confirm all the purchase orders once they are approved and would like to trigger email for all the vendor s except vendors falling under group 10.

So we need to setup

  1. Print management for all vendors as email
  2. Conditional for vendor group =10
  3. Setup batch job for PO auto confirmation

Pre-requites for email:

Setup email parameters and email distribution batch jobs

Make sure your vendors have valid email address

Print management for all vendors as email

Enable Email and select email address

Setup conditional print for vendor group =10

Setup PO auto confirmation

Check email history for emails

Note: This process can be done for other documents as well.

That’s it for this blog, hope this will help you.

Thank you !!! Keep reading and sharing !!!

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